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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wolf and Rockets

Mason LOVES cub scouts. He has super leaders and great boys in his den.

After months and months of hard work, Mason has earned his Wolf badge.

This month at Pack meeting he received his badge, and presented Mama with the cute little pin. (Cuz everyone knows Mama does half the hard work...)

After each boy got his awards, the leaders set off a firework to represent that scout. The kids loved it.
He learned how to sew on buttons at an activity once, and now he sews on all his own scout badges. He's really excited to sew on the badge. How cool is that? Cub Scouts rocks.

It was a really fun pack meeting. The boys each made a rocket out of a 2-liter bottle and launched them using water and an air compressor.

Poor Brother J. was very wet at the end of all the launching from being sprayed in the face repeatedly by the rockets. What a trooper.

Here's Mason getting ready to take off running to catch his rocket out of the sky. Some of them went REALLy high. It was hilarious to watch the boys chasing after and trying to catch the rockets.

*Note: This would be an awesome activity for a birthday or something. I have to remember this. They always have such great ideas.

I always wanted to be a cub scout when I was a little girl. I remember being bitterly jealous of my brothers going off on their scout thingies. So now, I guess I get to live vicariously through my boy(s). Love it!


Heather said...

Karson is the Cubmaster in our ward. We talk about scouts for hours at our house. Kaden can't wait to officially be a cub scout next year. I'll have to tell Karson about the ideas you posted. Way to go Mason!

Mills said...

Shouldn't he have his shirt tucked in?? ;-) Come on Brandon... this scouting is serious business.