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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Averie, age 3.25 years

I'm afraid Averie has inherited my inability to smile in a natural and normal way for the camera.

You know those people that have the exact same, perfect smile in every single shot?

We are not those people.

I'm not saying we aren't cute. I'm just saying that taking a decent picture takes great effort for "special" folks like us.

I do love this one though:

She absolutely refuses to look directly into the camera unless tricked into doing so. I took almost a hundred shots of her to get these few.

This is the child that I took to the Target portrait studio THREE times to get her one year photos taken, and all three times they could not get ONE decent photo. The first two times they gave me a gift certificate for another time. The third time we settled for her hugging me and sorta looking over my shoulder in the general direction of the camera. It was a nightmare, so she hasn't been back to any kind of portrait studio ever since.

I thought she had outgrown her aversion to cameras. Nope. Not her thing. Good thing she's so stinkin' cute. I'm glad we got a few decent shots. I need to take pictures with her more often. She had a fun time, despite my constant nagging her to look at the camera. Her favorite part was twirling in the hay.

It was a really beautiful day.

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Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

:) averie looks like super-girl in that first picture. i LOVE that you've posted these photos of your darling kids. what a beautiful family.