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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Butterflies, Birds, and Bling

I'm anticipating the day (in the distant future) when our basement is finished and the television can leave my living room space forever. I'm not a big fan of the tv in the front room. We took it downstairs once to see how it fit and such, and the upstairs wall looked pretty naked. So I've been thinking about what to hang there. It's kind of an awkward spot for paintings or photos.

I stumbled upon some clearance vinyl the other day and found these beauties for a few dollars at Shopko.

A little ostentatious? Maybe. But the good news is, if I get sick of it in a few weeks, I can just peel it off the wall and no harm done. {Except for the fact that it is now blogged and there is a permanent record in cyberspace.}

Uh, the problem was, however, that the wall in question is really tall. And I am really not. And there are stairs below the wall. And we do not own a Little Giant Ladder system
(much to the continual dismay of Mason. It's his favorite infomercial, after all.)

And so I climbed the wall. Well, more technically the counter, fridge, and then wall. Ellorie was afraid for my life. Mason took pictures for posterity, just in case the worst should happen. And looking at the pictures, It felt like I was in much greater peril than I actually was. I'm not great with heights. Anyhoo, the point is I risked life and limb to attach the aforementioned "bling" to the wall.

So lie to me. Tell me you love it. Brandon raised an eyebrow, but has nothing terrible to say about it. So it stays for now. I love it, so I guess that's what matters.

Oh yeah, and there are also dandelions in the bathroom.

And a few more birdies and butterflies in the girls room.

And there may or may not be a little somethin' somethin' in the hallway.

Horrible pictures. The flash wasn't working out for me. They look much better than this. But you get the general idea.

Minor decorating bug fulfilled for the moment.


Sally said...

I love vinyl! The blue dandelions in the bathroom are my favorite. I like the picture of you hanging over the wall too =)

wienerhoneymooners said...

Love the clock, and the birds. I like the chandelier too, but like the dandelions the best!Kimberly (wienerhoneymooners)

Keep crafting!