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Friday, August 6, 2010

County Fair

It's official. We're country folk now.

We live in the sticks.
We have the mooing of cows and the barking of dogs to serenade us to sleep each night.
We have more cows than people in our town.
We pass/wait for tractors on the main road on a daily basis.
That main road consists of 1 stop sign and zero stop lights.
We drive miles and miles to the nearest Wal Mart. (If we shopped there.)
My bank is almost a half hour drive from my house.
We do school shopping online.
We have no Ikea, Roberts Crafts, or Cabellas.
There are approximately 27 books in our town library.
We grow a monster garden bigger than our house.


We have entered the small town County Fair and won ourselves some fine blue ribbons.
(This step is essential.)

I'm a little embarrassed at what I am about to post...

We heard about the arts and crafts portion of the county fair, and I decided to take some of my paintings. The county we lived in in Utah was quite competitive in this particular category. The state fair is quite competitive as well. This little county? Not quite so much. I think there was ONE other artist in the professional category. Maybe two.

I entered four paintings and won four 1st place blue ribbons and one best of show. Uhhh... Okay. Nothing like ringing my own bell. Man I'm good. Haha! The ribbons are associated with small cash prizes, so after I entered my paintings I came home and rounded up some of the kids artwork.

I also grabbed some of my felt creations and my soap. I should have brought some canned goods and some garden vegetables, because WOW, apparently everything entered in the fair gets some kind of ribbon. There were old bottles of canned peaches and tiny green tomatoes all attached to blue ribbons. Petunias, daisies, and dandelions, all blue ribbons. (Okay, maybe not dandelions. ) A blue ribbon is $5. I'm not sure about the rest yet because we haven't collected our prizes, but so far we have banked around $80 from entering stuff we had around the house. A little embarrassing, yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

Mason's entries:

"Mountains" = First Place and Best of Show
"Yum, Yum" = Second Place

Ellorie's entires (Um, Ellorie isn't even here. She's staying at my mom's this week and has no idea she even entered the fair.)

Cowboy jumping a fence = First Place
Running Horses = First Place

(Why in the world are there so many first places?)

Averie even entered a drawing entitled "Mouses" and won herself a blue ribbon:

She's not really sure what any of this means. But she thought it was cool that she was included in all the excitement.

Some of my felt:

And soap:

The kids were WAY more impressed with the animal portion of the fair.

Mason loved the rabbits, and Averie adored the chickens.

They were both fascinated by and wary of the sheep and pigs.

I see 4H in our future...


Sharon said...

dang, i should enter some stuff! why are there so many first prizes? thats awesome though!!

Anonymous said...

Kaili got to enter her rabbit in our county's stock show - she got a first place/best of show also, so fun!

Sharee said...

thats awesome, britt!! i would do it for the money too...uh and for the great experience for the kids! haha. thats quite a bit of money...now what to do with it?!

Brittany said...

I love it!

Kellie said...

Okay that is awesome! Why not earn some money for your family's many talents. Plus, I bet it makes the kids feel so good!!

Are you in Driggs or Victor? For some reason I can't remember. I am over in Alpine. I feel like we live in the sticks too!! :)

Anna said...

Right on! Milk those blue ribbons for all its worth!

The Wendt Wagon said...

I am so jealous. I seriously want to live in the sticks. We just went to a fair in Washington county and I relized that I am raising a bunch of city slickers. And I would love to hear the sounds of cows rather than have to run fans in my kids rooms each night to drown out the sounds of the Home Depot we share the fence with. Next year you will have to enter the canning too. So Much Fun!!!

carol said...

YeeHaw Lady! You cleaned house! I hope you find a good way to spend all yer loot!

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

hah I love it. Mom is probably so proud!