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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Palisades Lake

We went cabin-camping this weekend with my parents, brothers, and sister-in-law. It was incredibly fun. There was fishing, hiking, exploring, playing, boating, grilling, eating, games, scrapbooking, beading, laughing, talking, splashing, lounging, reading, and generally RELAXING. I didn't even pull out the camera until the last day or so. Hey, I was on vacation.

It was a coldish mountain lake, but the kids didn't even notice. They were enchanted by the mud. Mason found countless treasures. A rusty lock, a broken cell phone, lots of "cool" rocks, sticks, and pieces of driftwood.

We visited the famous "Dam Store"

Ellorie made a new friend:

And then shed a tear when she had to release him back to the wild.

There was the biggest mouse known to man in a shed there. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it. It was THE biggest mouse I've ever seen. About the size of a large chinchilla. Ewwww. At least it was outside.

The cabin had these giant picture windows along two walls so you felt like you were living in the thick trees. Did I mention it was relaxing?

Uncle Shane [a.k.a. Survival Man] went on a walkabout and gathered all kinds of interesting and edible items from nature to show the kids. They had a guessing game and learned the names of a bunch of them. He found all kinds of berries, plants, roots, leaves, etc. The kids were totally enthralled in the demonstration. And some of the berries were actually delicious. Have you ever heard of a thimble berry? They are much like a flat raspberry. They are super yummy and very abundant in the area. We had them on our french toast the next morning.

They went boating one of the days and caught a bunch of fish. Mason earned his "fishing" arrow point for cub scouts with a little help from his dad and Uncle Shane.

And I didn't get any pictures of my mom, Ken, Caden, Brandon, or myself.
But I swear we were there.


Sharee said...

Looks beautiful and very fun! Where is it?

carol said...

I would love sometime to go on a walkabout with you and learn some plant names myself! You did that for girl's camp, right? I am a plant dummy and would love to get some knowledge on the subject. Looks like a fun getaway. That area is my absolute dream to live in one day. It's such a slice of heaven.

Brittany said...

Sounds like a nice little vacation.