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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rylan 7.5 months old

Whoops. I missed Rylan's 7 month mark, and now he's almost 8 months old! It just goes by too quickly. Where did my tiny baby go? Suddenly I have a near-toddler on my hands. He's learning new tricks every day. He keeps us constantly entertained. Such a sweet boy.

Today he said a new word, "baby" sounds more like "baybay". Too cute.

He love to chase balls around the house. And chew/suck on everything. He has no teeth yet, but they are in the works for sure.

He is extremely wary of strangers now, and is becoming quite clingy to me when anyone new is around.

He loves baby food, but not the veggies. He actually dry heaves when I give him greens. He loves all fruit though. Exactly opposite of Mason at his age. Although I found a picture of Mason today when he was about 8 months and he looked EXACTLY like Rylan.

He has so much personality and keeps us smiling and laughing all day long. He is crawling like a maniac and will no doubt be an early walker like his brother. Watch out world!

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