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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Wedding

We took a quick trip to Utah this weekend to visit family and attend my cousin Jordan's wedding. I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had a lot of fun.

We stopped in G&G Clegg's for a little moment
and enjoyed their beautiful yard and garden.

My awesome sister-in-law watched ALL my wild and crazy children,
along with several others
while we went to the temple.
She is an angel.
Thank you again Carlee!

The wedding and reception were just perfect.
They got married in the same temple and the same room
as Brandon and I did almost 11 years ago.

Man, we are old, old, old.

After the wedding we ran into our old bestest couple friends EVAH.
The ones that dumped us when we moved to the tundra land of Idaho.
Yes, even the Shermans.
We've missed them ever so much.
Brandon honked at Zac and almost got punched. (ha!)
Averie played in the mud with their kids in her wedding attire.
We got to talk to them for a little bit and made big plans for soon-ish.
Because we were late to the reception...

Here is the darling newlywed couple with my girlies. I think Averie thought Jordan was a princess. She looked like a princess. I love her gorgeous dress. And this is the only picture I took?!? (I give myself a solid C- for photography skills this weekend.)

Okay, I just have to show you more of the dress.

*Disclaimer* I totally stole this picture from facebook,
but the photographer is Dash Photography.
Now I feel a little bit better.
(I'm not too worried since I have like 5 blog readers.)
Cool picture, huh.

The reception was at a golf course club house, and was so lovely.

Mason was hanging out by the refreshments all night,
and I didn't get a single picture of him.

The girls had a grand time exploring outside.

She looks like Alice in Wonderland in this picture. Minus the curly hair.
("It's Alice! It's Alice! I'd know him anywhere!" Mason's favorite line from the movie.)

The girls even found some water (imagine that.)

We had a great time, and it went by WAY too quickly as usual. I'm really glad we made the trip. Congratulations Tyler and Jordan!


Darren and Tessa said...

SO PRETTY....Every time I look at your blog Im so amazed at how old your kids are looking and I feel so sad that Im missing it we sure miss you guys bunches hopfully we will see you in OCtober!

Marie said...

I think that you have more readers than you think.

Beautiful pictures

wienerhoneymooners@blogspot.com said...

I love the photos you did take!

And I LOVE LOVE the one of the baby in the fade edged circle.. Like a sweet little thought cloud!

---Reader from far away...