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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Autumn, Actually

We had a great weekend filled with family, friends and fun. My aunt/uncle/cousins came to visit and play. It seems like lately the more fun we have, the less photographic evidence I have to show for it. I didn't take many (any) pictures. But it was fun, nevertheless. We love having company. It was so great to relax and visit. The kids had a ball playing with their cousins.

We went to the state fair for a few hours, and I got a few shots of the kids coveting the darling baby animals. I do have to admit, I would love a puppy or a miniature pony. Way too much cute-ness. But then I remember that puppies grow up into "dog". I've learned my lesson. (We love you Rocket.), and ponies eat and poop a tremendous amount. Also, I think the neighbors would frown upon it. So we leave them at the fair where they belong. Maybe someday, Ellorie dear...

I'm not tempted to take the sheep home with me. I'm not too fond of sheep for some reason. Averie loves them though.

The giant pumpkins are always inspiring. How DO they do that?

This is what my "Giant" pumpkins look like this morning:

That's right. They all froze Sunday night. My baseball and football sized pumpkins are destined to stay small and
greenish-yellow forever more.
But at least we have about 3 dozen ugly, unripe, unruly, unusable pumpkins. Right?

Can you tell I'm a little bit cynical about the whole frozen-garden-on-Labor-Day thing?

I'm just not quite over it yet.

I have HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of lovely green tomatoes on the vines.

The frozen vines.

Last night we were forecast to have another freeze, (the first one was not predicted by the all-knowing weather reporters in our area) so we covered all the tomato plants with our sleeping bags. Guess we should invest in some large tarps for next year.

Or maybe just not plant tomatoes. BLAH!

Some of the underneath leaves seem to be okay, so the tomatoes might pull out of it long enough to finish up. I hope, I hope, I hope... I really had my heart set on bottling tomatoes this year.

On a more positive note, the tomatillos were fine, and totally ready to pick. I harvested all that were of edible size. I have a large grocery sack full of them, so if anyone wants a few... I'm sharing.

Our zucchini plants are done for, but I'm okay with that. We've had zucchini in about every way I know how to make it. It's been a good run.

My two little eggplants are still tiny, but edible. I picked them and will gobble them up soon.

You can read more about my baby eggplants HERE on my cooking blog. I sort of failed to advertise the fact that I moved my cooking adventures over there. HERE is the general link to the blog if you would like to add it to your reader/blogroll. And I'm not saying you have to... No, but really, you have to.

And while you are at it, HERE is my soap blog and my art blog if you've missed them.
(I really need to back away from the Blogger. Dude.)
It just helps me keep track of things to have them in different places. It makes it quick and easy for me to find a recipe or a soap failure, or a specific painting. I hope it's not too annoying to my readers to have to check all the various blogs. Just become acquainted with Google Reader (or any other feed reader) and you'll never have to type in a blog address again.

Okay, I've gotten WAY off subject. Back to autumn...

Autumn is really my very favorite time of year. I love the smells, the crisp air, the colors, the sounds, the kids getting back on a semi-regular schedule, the harvest, the canning... I could go on for a while. So really, I can't be all that upset about my garden freezing. I'll forgive autumn for this one small indiscretion if my tomatoes will be allowed to pink up just enough for picking.
The end.

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Anna said...

Autumn is awesome. I welcome the cool weather, anticipate wearing warmer clothes, love eating foods made from pumpkin, and eagerly celebrate Halloween.

Sorry about the garden. At least you were able to salvage some of the crops.

I'd love to own a miniature pony. In fact, I've told Mike that if I ever go blind, I want a seeing-eye-pony. They are way too cute!!!