"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Concise Correspondence

Dear Autumn,

Thank you for not freezing again and ruining my already damaged tomatoes. The rain today is cozy and blissful. Please don't leave us too quickly as I simply couldn't bear an early winter.

Love, Brittany

Dear Husband,

I only made two, infinitesimally small, holes in the wall today. They were well-placed and contribute to the lovely ambiance of our kitchen. I plan to fill more of my numerous, previously-made holes soon.


Your Wife, keeper of your home, cooker of dinner, and mother of your four children.

Dear Majestic Mountain Sage,

I'm excited to get my soap swap package in the mail soon. I'll be pacing the floors and watching out the window for the UPS man until it arrives.

Love, Brittany

Dear Daughters,

Please clean up your bedroom. It looks like a tornado hit it. That is all.

Love, Mom

Dear Rocket,

You are a very good dog and family pet, but you seem to be a bit slow. When it's raining really, really hard, it usually works best to seek out shelter rather than to curl into a ball on the lawn. You might want to try someplace dry like your dog house or the porch.


Your People

Dear Painting,

I know you need to be finished for the art show next weekend, but I don't seem to have time to finish you today. Do you think you could paint yourself while I do the dishes and maybe blog a little? That would be great.


Love, Brittany

Dear Baby Rylan,

STOP growing up. You are just barely 8 months old and have no business walking yet.
I mean it, STOP!

Love, Mom


leslie mae said...

WOAH! Hold the PHONE! 8 months? Walking? Oh my goodness!!!!

Sharon said...


Marie said...

Kloee is a little bit older but has been walking for awhile. I swear they see their older siblings and want to be just like them

BrittanyLane said...

He's not quite walking yet, but he climbs up on everything and scoots along the couch/bed/furniture all day long. He is SO busy! Mason walked at 9 months, but my girls were closer to 1 year.