"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Concise Correspondence

Dear Blogger,
I wanted to post some really great pictures today, but you seem to be uncooperative.  Shape up, or ship out.
Sincerely, Brittany

Dear Rylan,
It's a good thing you are so stinking cute.  I appreciate that you are curious and love to grasp anything within your reach, but I really didn't want to clean up the entire quart of green smoothie you dumped on me and on the floor and down the air vent this morning, nor the large cup you pulled over yourself and Averie ten minutes after that.  My kitchen is oozing green smoothie residue.  Please have a nice long nap while I mop and attempt laundry.  
Love, Mommy

Dear Mystery Soup from Dinner Last Night,
You were delicious.  I will be eating the rest of you for lunch.  You have been warned.
Brittany Lane the Cook

Dear Brandon's Glasses,
Why did you run away?  Was it something we said?  Was it the constant poking and grabbing from little fingers?  Was it the years of abuse and neglect?  Please return so we can make amends.
The garden department of Home Depot is not a safe environment for a pair of designer glasses like you.
Also, Brandon desperately needs you to see!  You are expensive and difficult to replace, but you WILL BE replaced if you do not return quickly.  
Mr. (and Mrs.) Allen

Dear Indian Summer,
I love you.  Please stay warm a bit longer.  My tomatoes are relishing the sunshine.
Love, Brittany


leslie mae said...

I love the blogs that you write letters. FUN!! And I'm ticked at blogger too! I thought it was just me!

Heather said...

I love your posts! You always amaze me or make me laugh. Miss you around here.