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Friday, September 24, 2010

Harvest after the Frost

I was really frustrated with the early freeze that came through here a few weeks ago.  I lost a lot of my garden plants, and I assumed the worst.  But it turns out that many of them were more resilient than I gave them credit for.  The top and outer leaves of all the tomato plants are gone, but the tomatoes have continued to ripen on the vines, and I have gotten a fair amount of perfect tomatoes.  Hundreds more of green ones are continuing to ripen on the vines.  I've been delighted!

I haven't been able to do any more canning lately, due to stove issues.  So I decided to make frozen spaghetti sauce and sun dried tomatoes.  The sauce was fantastic.  I simmered it over the kitchen stove for several hours and then froze it into quart-size Ziploc freezer bags.  I'll post the recipe HERE if you are interested.

I've never made sun dried tomatoes before, but they turned out great as well.  I just washed and quartered the tomatoes, added salt and basil, and put them into my 135 degree dehydrator for about 12-15 hours.  They are sweet and delicious.  

I can't wait to use them in salads and soups.  It takes a lot of tomatoes to make just a few of these.  A grocery sack full of tomatoes made about four cups of sun dried tomatoes

We also had a bumper crop of tomatillos.  Since I couldn't "can" them this year, I made a monster batch of my favorite tomatillo salsa, and shared.  If any of you want some tomatillos, I still have quite a few out there.

Our Pumpkins are oranging up nicely as well.  Pumpkin pie season is just around the corner.  Mmmmm. Averie is excited to paint all the mini pumpkins.  

Look for them adorning our porch in the very near future.

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