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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apple Time!

Brandon went to Washington last week and came home with a truck full of fresh picked Washington yellow delicious apples. Yum!

Fresh, crunchy, slightly green apples are among my favorite foods on the planet. (As opposed to mushy, over-ripe, mealy, store-bought apples which are not.)

These apples are most definitely the former. So crisp and slightly tart.
Mmmmmm. Apple heaven.

I was going to make apple sauce, and probably still will, but for now we have just been enjoying eating them fresh.

I dried a few batches of apple rings too. They still retain a bit of the "tartness".

Some of the apples are monsters:

I think the biggest ones aren't quite as tasty though.

The autumn just isn't complete until we have apples baked in some form or another. So I would love your suggestions for what to do with all these yummy apples. I'm thinking apple butter, apple pie filling, applesauce, fresh apple pie...

I can see this could be leading me in a bad direction. And I'm okay with that.


Jana said...

I am anxiously awaiting my apples!
Last year I dried them, made applesauce, apple pie filling and fruit leather. My kids definately liked the fruit leather best! (I used apples as a base to make blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry. simply throw a handful of other fruit in when you are cooking the apples and blend, no sugar necessary!)

I also found a recipe for apple enchaladas which were incredible!

Sharee said...

apple crisp of course! i am going to make that soon but my apples are from the store :( i've never had apple leather but i bet that would be good. good luck...you have a lot of work ahead of you!

Debbie Murdock said...

Woohoo for Washington Apples. I was so sad when one year the apple Orchard we always passed was replanted with grapes to make wine. I saw someone do something simple with apples just for a snack once. They cored the apple then stuffed it with peanut butter then sliced it and there was these apple rounds with peanut butter in the middle. And of course ya can't not make caramel apples for Halloween.

Sally said...

We love apples! I made an apple cake with a caramel sauce and it was so good! It's on our blog.

Trina said...

Apple muffins and apple pancakes are great too! Enjoy all those apples.

jess said...

apple german pancakes. YUMMY!! Those apples look delicious.

Brittany said...

That apple is huge compared to Avery!