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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Impromptu Fall Vacation (Part 1)

We had a bit of a free vacation this week. Brandon had a CPE class thingy for work and had a "free" hotel room in Salt Lake City for a few days. So we decided to tag along and have an impromptu fall break.

Our hotel was right next to Temple Square, which is so beeeutiful. Wish I could have walked around it a bit more, but, you know, four kids and all.

The first day we stayed in the hotel most of the day and just relaxed, read books, watched shows, built forts, played, had naps. It was fantastic. I braved a restaurant with all four kids while Brandon was at the conference. They were very well behaved for some strange reason, but that didn't stop several raised eyebrows in our direction. I think the owner felt sorry for me. He gave me a couple of free kids meal coupons. Funny.

The next day my mom came to play with us. We went to the outdoor mall and the children's museum.

My kids love the place. I mean LOOOOVE.

We stayed for most of the day, took a break to eat, went back again, and they were still begging for more when it was time to go home. I think they would live there if that was allowed.

Averie told me to just leave her there. I was tempted at one point. She wandered off over and over and over again today. We lost her completely TWICE. That girl is going to make me go prematurely grey. It's a good thing she's cute.

The kids also love the water spraying place at the Gateway. Surprisingly, no one got very wet this time. Mason liked to tempt fate a little though. It was sure a beautiful day.

Rylan was such a good baby all day. He loved the balls and all the toys, colors, kids, and commotion.

Thanks Mama for coming to play with us! It was a very fun-filled day.

Thursday night we went to visit Grandma Sherma, who plays the piano at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building downtown every Thursday. She is amazing. She plays completely by ear and has a million songs in her repertoire. The kids were completely wiped out and were running around, so we didn't stay long. Wish we would have taken a few more pictures.

Friday and Saturday we did a little shopping, exploring, and visiting. I'll post more tomorrow...

Too sleepy!


Sharee said...

I love that museum too! Sounds like you guys had a great time. It was good to talk to you tonight...its been awhile. I think we have the same stroller btw except mine is green! Fun!

Sharon said...

Fun! I haven't had a salt lake vacation since I lived at home with my parents. I might have to put it on my to do list.

Debbie Murdock said...

So sorry I didn't catch up with you. I've just been getting over being sick and the thought of taking 3 kids out to temple square made me shutter. I'm glad you guys had a great time! Gorgeous pic of the temple. I agree the children's museum is awesome!!!

Anna said...

I thought I recognized the tiny shopping cart and food items! I also love the children's museum. In fact, friends and I went there several times on dates while we were in college.

What a fun impromptu vacation.