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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Winner!

Averie randomly chose the winner. And if you know Averie at all, you know that's about as random as things get. There were 15 entries for this one.

(My apologies for my "annoying" voice. I should really figure out a way to mute these video posts....)

Congratulations! Email me (blafineart@aim.com) with your desired subject matter. Or just email me your phone number and we'll talk...

It's been a fun month of giveaways. I can't believe October is already over. It's now time to "gird up my loins" for winter. *sigh* Not that winter doesn't have it's redeeming qualities.

It's just so... long.

Here was tonight's beautiful sunset.

Fall hasn't left us entirely yet... Happy Weekend!

1 comment:

carol said...

Kirsa better not meet me in a dark alley. just kidding. congratulations to Kirsa!