"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Monday, November 29, 2010

After the Turkey

I didn't take enough pictures this weekend! I'm notorious for forgetting to document Thanksgiving weekend. I'm just enjoying myself too thoroughly to take out the camera.

We have a pseudo-tradition of going bowling on Thanksgiving after the dinner, and before the pie. Pseudo, because we don't really get around to it every year. But when we do, it's a whole lot of fun. We were joined by Grandma Sherma, Jason, Ang and kids, Ami, Toni, and kids, and Dan & Holly. (Why don't I take more pictures???)

I'm a terrible bowler because I only go maybe once or twice a year. I shared a spot with Ellorie this time, and she actually helped out my score. Ken out-bowled us all, but Carlee gave him a run for his money.

And then it was time to go home for pie and games. I love Thanksgiving. How about you?


After the worst winter blizzard/storm in my personal memory, we had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend. It took hours to actually shovel/plow our way OUT of the driveway, and the roads were terrible. But the skies were perty on the way there...

(By the way, to the dear neighbors that plowed out our driveway while we were away: a million gracious thanks! And if you happen to know who did it, let me know!)

We had turkey day at my mom's house with all of my biological siblings present. (Nat, Aleisha, Enrique, and Kris weren't able to be there this year. We missed you!)

It was a very fun, enjoyable, and relaxing weekend. We talked, played games, cooked, and ate WAY too much delicious food.

My mom makes these orange rolls that are to die for. And I know people say that about a lot of things, but I really mean it. They are sinfully delicious. Here she is rolling them out:

It's one of those foods that I'm afraid to learn how to make. Because then I might make them and eat them all myself. That kind of knowledge is very dangerous. I could never make them like mom anyway. And the pies! Don't even get me started on the pies.

And the turkey and table was handsome as well:

The "grown up" table

And the kids table

The kids were especially delighted to have glass goblets.

I think this was Rylan's last smile for the week. He started teething in earnest this weekend. His gums were all red and swollen and he had a fever and wanted nothing but to be held and rocked for four days. No teeth yet, but he's a little happier today finally. Poor baby.

The kids forget they have a mama when we go to Gramma Gina's house. They disappear for days and I have to hunt them down if I need them for something. They played games with their Aunts.
Averie wants aunt Kelsey to be her mother now. (It may or may not have something to do with her cute little doggie.) She got to have a sleepover with Kelsey on the last night before she left. Averie reluctantly came home with us yesterday, but let us know she wasn't happy about it...

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Day...Er..Week

One glorious benefit to living in the tundra land of the north, otherwise known as Idaho, is the occasional snow day throughout the school year. (Not to be confused with snowY days, which are abundant, and not so much to be celebrated.)

We are in the middle of a veritable blizzard today. Freezing temperatures, high wind, and plentiful snow. There is a four foot drift in front of my driveway. And Brandon scraped the snow before he left for work. (Which also included an hour of shoveling to get his truck out of the afore mentioned drift. Why do we live here again?)

The phone rang at 6:30 this morning with the automated message that school had indeed been cancelled. For today and tomorrow as well. It might as well have been Christmas. The kids were so excited. I deemed it a pajama day and started crafting. No need to clean the house when the kids will be home all day anyway. And no one is coming to the door to see me in my cool bright red flannel floating Santa head Christmas pajama pants. Lets call them my "cool pants" for shorts. Me and my cool pants have very much enjoyed the toasty warm day inside.

Mason and Ellorie (and neighbor friend) decided to brave the elements and explore the new landscape that is the backyard. They pretended it was the ice planet Hoth from Star Wars. Seen the movie? Well they aren't too far off. Though I hope they don't try to climb inside any animal carcasses for warmth. Ewww.

The planet Hoth:
Hope you are all staying warm and cozy! Snowshoe on over if you want to see me in my "cool pants".

Friday, November 19, 2010

Curious George, Projects, and Major Blog Neglect

There was a Curious George reading event at our local library last night. I took the girls to check it out. George himself was there, and the girls each got a couple of brand new books to take home.

Averie was SO excited... until she actually got up to the front of the line and realized the guy/gal in the big monkey costume was maybe a bit creepy for her taste. The sense of self-preservation is strong with this one. And she's never been exactly friendly with non-monkey suit people such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles, so it was pretty much a hopeless cause.

Let's call it the easter bunny effect:

At least she wasn't screaming like the little kid in front of us. And on a positive note, she was STOKED about the free books.

I've been busy sewing and making Christmas gifts the last few weeks. I haven't taken hardly any pictures, and certainly not any that are blogworthy.

One thing that is always disappointing about this time of year, is that I can't really blog my fun projects because many of them are intended for my blog readers. Last year I forgot to take pictures of most of them. Here's a sneak peek of what I've been sewing the last week or two:

I'm so behind this year. If my blog posts are few and far between... you'll know why.

Happy crafting!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dumpster Divin'


Yes, it's THAT stage. I almost forgot what it was like.

Don't mind the egg shell on his chin or the brussel sprout stem in his hand. It could have been a whole lot worse.

If you come to our house and see the garbage can on the counter, you'll know why...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mason Turns 9

Can I really have a 9 year old?

It's true.
Mason turned 9 today.

He informed me that he didn't want birthday balloons. Or a cake. What???

Then I cried, because my baby is no longer a baby.

Just kidding. I didn't cry. But I wanted to. Too big for balloons?

He wanted a cheesecake instead of a cake. Whew. Well, I guess that's okay. I much prefer cheesecake over birthday cake anyway.

It was not his "year" for a big birthday party, but we let him decide where he wanted to celebrate with the family. He picked "Blast Off", a giant indoor playground place.

First we played glow-in-the-dark miniature golf.

And then they jumped in the germ-pits... er uh... ball pits. (There has to be a better name for that.)

*Note: if you are a germ-a-phobe this is not the place for you. Each child was wiped down, sterilized, and promptly thrown into the shower upon returning home. Ewwww.

This building is HUGE and the entire thing is a mess of tubes, tunnels, balls, foam, and fun. They were delighted to have the whole building to themselves for quite a while. I didn't even know this place existed until this week, and we've been here for three years.

Oh yeah, costumes too. Dragon heaven.

Rylan was a fan of the trucks and the balls. Not so much a fan of the ball pits.

We will most definitely return again. Germs and all. Just maybe not during flu season.

One perk of birthdays around our house is choosing all the meals for the day.
Mason's menu:
Breakfast: Chocolate Pancakes
Lunch: School Lunch (Pizza)
Dinner: Crepes with fresh berries and whipped cream
Dessert: Cheesecake with blueberry topping

(Yikes! Mama needs to get on the treadmill after all those fantastic birthday calories.)

And then the moment Mason had been waiting for: the presents. This year we got him a new bike. Seeing as how his old one is half the size of all of his friends', and how his knees were dragging on the ground.

Sorry it snowed the day you opened it buddy! I guess November isn't the best month for getting a new bike. He helped his dad assemble it and then got to ride it around in the garage for a bit. It's still snowing, so that may be all the mileage it gets for a while.

He's not complaining though. Happy Birthday Mason!

Extreme Bye-Bye

Rylan has a new trick:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cuddle Bug

I just can't get enough of this sweet little guy. He's 10 months old tomorrow. How can he be nearly a year old? He is my first baby that actually likes to cuddle. Especially after he gets out of the tub. He is so cute and animated.

And then he peed on me.
But I'm a mom, so I even found that to be cute.
No, not really. Pee is still pee.

At 10 months here are Rylan's top 10 favorite things (in no particular order):

#1- Mom. He is a little bit attached, what can I say?

#2- Family. He notices Dad from across the room and yells out a loud "DA!" It's hilarious. He also has a funny name for Ellorie. It's sort of like "Ahlaalaa!" But I could just be imagining things.

#3- Table food. He has no teeth yet. Zero. And he screams at the top of his lungs for food when anyone is eating. He's ridiculous at restaurants. Good thing he loves baby food.

#4- Rough Housing. Don't be fooled by that cute little face, this boy can be WILD. He adores laughing, teasing, and wrestling with the kids. And the biggest kid, Dad.

#5- Toys. Any kind. He's not picky. The best ones are whatever Averie is playing with. She is learning to share. The learning curve is steep.

#6- Cars. He's so little. How does he even know what a car is? He pushes, toys, dishes, or anything he finds around on the floor like a car. I swear that boy's love or cars is innate. Mason was a car lover. Averie too, for that matter. Looks like I have another one on my hands.

#7- Pack and Play. Otherwise known as his bed. He does not like his crib, so it sits empty. He'll lay right down and go to sleep in "the pack". (Averie named it.) We'll take all the sleep we can get around here. The boy still wakes up to eat every two hours at night. Just like his brother did.

#8- Binky. That's his pacifier. I'm so relieved to have a binky baby. Averie gave hers up at 3 months and I mourned.

#9- Bubba. That's his super soft blue blanket. Accept no substitutes. He knows the difference. We are blanket people, and he appears to be related.

#10- His "baby". It's actually a glo-worm that sings a lullaby. He can't get to sleep without it. My girls won't have anything to do with dolls, but this boy loves them.

We love you Ry-Ry!

Foh Dollah Hollah

Like I need more projects.

I don't.

I've been doing Christmas projects all week.

I'm thinking most of them on my list won't get done before the big day.


I went to the good ol' D.I. and this little number was screaming my name:

And the price?

Four dollars, marked down from eight.

Solid wood furniture for four dollars? Sold.

The top is a bit damaged. But I easily sanded that off.

The rest is in great shape, and it matches the rest of the wood in my house. Woot! Now I have to decide if I want to wood-burn, paint, mod podge, or a combination of the three. I'm just going to cover it with a little table cloth until I can get around to the restoration project. It's just gonna have to wait a little while.

I also got this cool scrap of remnant fabric the same day for two bucks. It's as if the two were meant for each other. I put a little bias tape around the edge and viola! Instant decor.

I'll have to find something cool to put ON the table now. (Besides Hotwheels and Webkins. Which is what is on it right now.)

I just love a good find.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't Forget...

How about you?

Today's the Day!