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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Foh Dollah Hollah

Like I need more projects.

I don't.

I've been doing Christmas projects all week.

I'm thinking most of them on my list won't get done before the big day.


I went to the good ol' D.I. and this little number was screaming my name:

And the price?

Four dollars, marked down from eight.

Solid wood furniture for four dollars? Sold.

The top is a bit damaged. But I easily sanded that off.

The rest is in great shape, and it matches the rest of the wood in my house. Woot! Now I have to decide if I want to wood-burn, paint, mod podge, or a combination of the three. I'm just going to cover it with a little table cloth until I can get around to the restoration project. It's just gonna have to wait a little while.

I also got this cool scrap of remnant fabric the same day for two bucks. It's as if the two were meant for each other. I put a little bias tape around the edge and viola! Instant decor.

I'll have to find something cool to put ON the table now. (Besides Hotwheels and Webkins. Which is what is on it right now.)

I just love a good find.

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Dave and Shatzi said...

I saw the table in your yard the other day. It's gorgeous! A great find, for sure!