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Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Day...Er..Week

One glorious benefit to living in the tundra land of the north, otherwise known as Idaho, is the occasional snow day throughout the school year. (Not to be confused with snowY days, which are abundant, and not so much to be celebrated.)

We are in the middle of a veritable blizzard today. Freezing temperatures, high wind, and plentiful snow. There is a four foot drift in front of my driveway. And Brandon scraped the snow before he left for work. (Which also included an hour of shoveling to get his truck out of the afore mentioned drift. Why do we live here again?)

The phone rang at 6:30 this morning with the automated message that school had indeed been cancelled. For today and tomorrow as well. It might as well have been Christmas. The kids were so excited. I deemed it a pajama day and started crafting. No need to clean the house when the kids will be home all day anyway. And no one is coming to the door to see me in my cool bright red flannel floating Santa head Christmas pajama pants. Lets call them my "cool pants" for shorts. Me and my cool pants have very much enjoyed the toasty warm day inside.

Mason and Ellorie (and neighbor friend) decided to brave the elements and explore the new landscape that is the backyard. They pretended it was the ice planet Hoth from Star Wars. Seen the movie? Well they aren't too far off. Though I hope they don't try to climb inside any animal carcasses for warmth. Ewww.

The planet Hoth:
Hope you are all staying warm and cozy! Snowshoe on over if you want to see me in my "cool pants".


leslie mae said...

You're such a nice Mom!! I put the kids all to work!!! Okay, Gabe did get to ride in the tractor with his Uncle Craig while he dug us out. I think my kids would much rather have you as their Mom today! Ü

Debbie Murdock said...

Storm is supposed to blow through around 4:00 today...gonna make traveling to Cache Valley a tad bit difficult. I don't think the Utah school ever close down here...that would be nice for a change.