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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Boys and Cars

There are certain things that I swear are innate.

For example, little baby girls come with the instant ability to become emotional, easily offended, and give dirty looks. At least mine did.

They also came with a love for fluffy, fuzzy animals and the color pink.

Boys? Boys are a different breed.

Rylan is extremely laid back and easy-going.

He also has been "driving" my plastic dishes around the kitchen floor since he could crawl.

He even makes "car-like noises.

He is only 11 months old. How does he even know what a car is and how to play with one?

I say they must be born with a car fascination.

Mason had exactly the same tendencies. He loved cars until he was about three, then switched back and forth between trains and cars. When Mason was three years old he knew every make and model of car by name, and would frequently point them out and correct me if I was wrong. He knew each and every Hotwheel by name (make and model that is). I fear Rylan is headed down this same path.

Hooray for boys and cars!


Jenni said...

I've seen the same differences in my boy and girl. Ava adores anything pink and ethan practically came out playing with cars. So fun!

The Wendt Wagon said...

I dont have the girl option to compare from. It is nice to know that we are fairly normal. The other thing you forgot to mention is the gun sounds. I tried to prevent them for oh so long, but everything is turned into a gun followed by little ch ch ch ch shooting sounds. You can not go wrong investing in cars and a train set. They will result in hours and hours of endless playing time. Rylan is so cute.

Heather said...

Rylan is getting so big! It's so amazing what they know at that age isn't it?