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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Projects Unveiled

Here are a couple of the things I made this year for gifts.

I have little scrapbooks of all the kids' first year for the grandparents. They are quite simple, but I just barely finished Rylan's. By the skin of my teeth. I'm finding that it's a lot harder to make time for scrapbooking these days.

Here's the cover:

And here are the inside pages:

For my little nieces and for the girls I made purses filled with goodies:

And for Rylan and my nephews I made some fleece dinosaurs:

And a sort of carrying case for Rylan:

I'm dying to show all the handmade goodies that other people gave us, but I need to take pictures still. Maybe tomorrow.


shaina said...

You are so clever. Those dinosaurs are so cute, and all the little purses...good job!!

Brittany said...

Love them all! That is a lot of scrapbooking to do for Christmas.

Debbie Murdock said...

So cute...I love the dinosaurs. I here ya about scrapbooking. I had to switch to digital scrapbooking because the sake of ease and my kids can't get into my papers and scrapbooking stuff. Plus it's great to take in the car and do on long road trip on the laptop.

amangrav said...

You are so talented!!!! I feel like that's all I ever say to you-but really-I'm jealous :)

Dave and Shatzi said...

Your crafting talent is absolutely amazing!!