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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trimming the Tree

We like to get a "real" christmas tree every year, for some (insane) reason.  Maybe it's the smell, or the needles sprinkled throughout my house.  Maybe it's the balancing act to keep it from tipping over as the trunk is usually either too big or too small for the tree stand.  But I think I just love having some semi-living plant in my house when it's so bitter cold outside.  (I can't really keep house plants alive.)

There is a store just down the road that had a few of just the right type of trees.  I've had my eye on them for a few days.  And the kicker was, they were really cheap!  ($25 for a 10 foot tree!)
This one doesn't really smell like pine too much yet.  It's really fresh, and I think it's actually a Balsam fir. Though I really have no idea.  Whatever type of tree it is, it's the type I love.  

I prefer the sparse, well-spaced branches to the poofy, fluffy, long needled bushes.  The needles aren't too spiky, and the lights make it look lacy and lovely.  Once the tree goes up it really starts to feel like Christmastime.  It makes me want to turn on a Charlie Brown Christmas and sing LoooLoooLoooLooooLoooLoooLoooLooo...  

The kids, of course, were delighted.  After divvying up the ornaments, breaking one or two, and hiding their "stash" from Rylan, the ornaments went up one by one.  And as usual, one string of lights shorted out.  But not until AFTER it was on the tree.  So now I get to remove and replace it.  Most of the ornaments are in the middle third of the tree since Rylan removed the ones on the bottom, and the kids can't reach the top.  

I think I'll leave it that way though.  It makes me smile.

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amangrav said...

We always talk about getting a real tree, but it never happens! The kids look like they had a lot of fun!