"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Friday, January 7, 2011


One of my very favorite things about living in Idaho is the beautiful, breathtaking frost that covers the trees on occasion during the coldest, clearest, winter days.

It's technically called "hoarfrost" and occurs on clear mornings when the temperature drops quickly and causes objects to become cooler than the surrounding air.

All the humidity or dew in the air sticks to anything and everything.

It means that it's stinkin' cold outside and not fit for man or beast, but just when I question my sanity for living in this forsaken wasteland of cold and it's -8 degrees ...

I find these beauties surrounding me as I drive the kids to school. It's quite distracting.

My kids are so used to me pulling off on the side of the road to take pictures of random trees, they rarely even comment or ask questions. They probably think their mama is a bit crazy.

And maybe I am. But this morning, I saw another lady doing exactly the same thing. Maybe a fellow-blogger. Or fellow artist. Or just someone else that is deeply affected by the beauties of a cold Idaho morning.

These mornings frequently catch me off guard. And occasionally I'm lucky enough to have my little camera handy. It's these mornings that make me pine for a fancy DSLR camera.



Sally said...

It's so stunning!

Sharee said...

I think its awesome that you notice all the beauty around you. Most people, like me, just rush by and don't take the time to notice. Funny picture of Miles and Rylan btw. And I thought he going to have some Allen in him and be smaller then Case...oh well.

Brittany said...

So pretty.

Anna said...

Those a beautiful glimpses of a true winter wonderland and postcard worthy!