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Sunday, February 6, 2011


When your birthday is the first week of the year, it just keeps giving and giving. Ellorie just got a belated birthday gift last week from her awesome Uncle Shane and Aunt Carlee. It was very cool and I hadn't seen anything quite like it, so I thought I would share.

It's called "Fuzzoodles". It was completely new to me. (But then again, I live in the boonies and don't get out much.) This is what the package looks like:
And this is what you can do with it:

It's sort of like the Mr. Potato head concept, but much more tactile and creative. My kids all love it! You can re-use the pieces over and over again. Such a fun idea.
(Thanks Shane and Carlee!)


wienerhoneymooners said...

They made some awesomely cute Fuzzoodles!

carol said...

Those look so fun and your kids are still adorable. Looks like fun, and I can't wait to see what you crafted with your sister!

The Artist Behind Image Perfect: said...

so fun and cute. I would have loved these as a kid. Hugs to you all! I miss you all oooooooooooo much.