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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kelsey Comes to Visit

We don't play favorites, but Aunt Kelsey just might take the title of "Favorite Aunt" if we did. No offense intended to any of our other wonderful sisters/sisters-in-law/aunts/other relatives out there. We love you all!

We were just SO very excited that Kelsey was coming to visit! Especially Averie. (Averie does play favorites. She likes approximately four people on the planet. Her mother is only one of them occasionally. Kelsey is on the top of her list.)

Kelsey is my baby sister. She is hilarious, witty, fun, ridiculously creative, silly, serious, comfortable, kind, cheerful, and she'll tell you if you have broccoli stuck in your teeth. She also comes along with a darling little Yorkshire terrier doggie named Tucker. "Cousin" Tucker is the only thing that Averie likes more than Aunt Kelsey. She has a "Tucker shirt" that she outgrew so long ago it comes closer to fitting Rylan than herself. She wears it daily unless I hide it.

Some cool things about Aunt Kelsey:

She will play games with the kids without complaining. Even the really boring, repetitive ones. I'm not sure they realize that she is an adult.

She will stay in her pajamas all day with me while we create crafty things for 8 hours straight. (Pictures of "said" crafts to come soon. No spoilers here.)

She has an infectious laugh and says hilarious things. All the time.

Oh yeah, and Cousin Tucker is her baby.

We had a splendid time! Please come visit again soon.

I really wish she lived closer.
But then again, if she DID live closer, our obsessive crafting may get us in to extreme trouble. More evidence to follow....

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Kelsey Larsen said...

Oh my gosh you are so sweeeeeet! I've never had so many nice things said about me at once! I can't get over how much fun I had this week. When you decide to turn Averie's Tucker shirt into a bubbie, you may need to call me for another visit. :) can't wait to unveil our art project!!!! Love you sis