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Friday, February 18, 2011

This Week in Numbers

5 - Sick people at my house. All but me.
6- Bottles of Tylenol consumed this week for fevers, headaches, and general influenza symptoms. 2- Junior Strength, 1- Infant, 2-Childrens, 1 Extra-Strength Adult (though the entire bottle was not consumed).
6 - the number of gigantic green smoothies I have consumed so far this week. (I think I'm claiming them as my reason for not getting sick.)
8 - The number of days of school Mason has missed this month due to being sick.
3- The days of school Ellorie missed this week.
16- the number of math worksheets completed at my kitchen table last night.
14 - Times I had to get up out of bed last night to help various sick children.
8 - the AVERAGE amount of times I have had to get up out of bed to help various children this week. No exaggeration.
.01 - The number of dinners consumed by children at my house last night. I think Mason took one bite of a noodle.
5- The number of total and complete meltdowns by Averie yesterday. (It's best not to elaborate. Though I will say that the ornery, grumpy, mean, and nasty behavior AFTER the illness is much worse than the actual illness.)
247- The number of times I have washed my hands this week. Thank goodness for cold-processed soap.
19- the number of "sicky" blankets that now need to be washed.
3- boxes of tissues, completely consumed.
1- Made up word, used by Ellorie to describe something very, very big: Hugiamong (Like huge + giant + humongous.) It made me laugh.


shaina said...

That's a lot of sickness going around! Thank goodness you are well. It's so much worse when the mom is down for the count!

Sally said...

We are right there with you - it is not fun!

Darren and Tessa said...

My heart goes out to you, I actually got it this time (I havent gotton this sick since before we got married) we are finally on the mend and my house was completely destroyed!! Hope you guys are feeling better too!!!

Jana said...

Sorry! Dealing with sick kids is... almost painful for the mommy. Hang in there!

Brittany said...

Super crappy...hope everyone gets better and ornery free very very soon.

amangrav said...

As horrible as all the information is on this post, I love the way you did it-how fun! Anyway, I am with you on being up about 14 times a night. Lexi is the only one who has been sick, but the fever, headaches, chills and infrequent (thank heavens) barfing has been miserable for her! Hope everyone gets better soon!

Anna said...

Please do something really, really nice for yourself once the family is better (i.e. a massage, a new pair of shoes, or a week long vacation!).

Hilarie* said...

That is a bummer! Don't you love how everyone is so sweet share with each other... specially germs!! WE hope you feel better soon! Luv ya!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Feel better all! Curious how the illness sets in your blog audience increases..... hummm. (kidding) Feel better!

But you do have more than 3 followers!