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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Gum Ball Necklaces

I saw these darling little gumball necklaces ages ago, and decided that Valentine's was the perfect opportunity to put this craft into action. Since buying all the stuff, I have seen the project all over the internets, so it's probably not so "original" anymore. Oh well. I'm posting it anyway.

We decided to make these cute necklaces for all the girls in both Ellorie's and Mason's school class. The boys are just getting a cute little package of gum. I was going to attempt to make something creative for the boys out of gum and ribbon, but no. Not this year.

We have a great place nearby to get discount ribbon, so I scored enough for 30 necklaces for $2. Sweet! I actually had a really hard time finding the gumballs around here. I ended up buying a bulk container of them at Walmart for about $6. It had 680 gumballs, which was way more than I needed, and they were much smaller than I was hoping to find, but it was all I had available. If I ever do this again, I think I'll try to order my gum online ahead of time.

First of all, let me add a disclaimer that this project is NOT as easy as it looks. The gumballs are really brittle and nearly impossible to make holes in with out cracking them. I'll tell you my trick though: Heat up the gum first in a barely warm oven. Make the holes in each side (instead of piercing all the way through), and then - this is the important part- let them cool completely before stringing them on the ribbon. I wrecked a whole lot of gum balls figuring this out. The size of the ribbon, needle, and holes are also important.

Another trick is to use thin rubber gloves to string on the gum. Not only does it keep the gum "clean" , but it makes it much easier to pull the thick ribbon through the holes.

I'm not gonna lie, this project is a pain in the you know what. It took me nearly all day yesterday to finish. I hope they appreciate it... Brandon, my voice of reason, said to me before I started the project, "Uh, you know the kids are just going to eat that gum as soon as they open it and throw the rest away, right?" Yes. I know. That's what they are for. And they did turn out really cute, so I think it was worth it...

Here's the package, as well as the "boys" valentines:


Sharon said...

CUTE!! I saw this somewhere and thought it was such a great idea, I love your saying too! I heard that Zurkers, where Roberts used to be, has gum balls, the big ones. Although, since Roberts closed I've almost decided to boycot any other business that uses that location. On principle alone.

Brittany said...

Cute...love the saying.

The Artist Behind Image Perfect: said...

I love my red ones!... thank you Ellorie my sweets, you did a really really good job!