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Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Wolf

Ellorie has many loves. Dragons, dinosaurs, lizards, German Shepherds (dogs of any kind really), dolphins, snakes, frogs, grasshoppers, praying mantises, the color black, and most recently - wolves. Baby wolves to be precise. She leads a very rich fantasy life.

Here are some papers I found in her backpack this week:

It says: The animal for my report is a: baby wolf. The animals color is black. It is shaped like a line. My animal eats meat. He is special beacus it howls.

And this one is my favorite.

It says: What will you write about? I want to turn into a wolf
What is the main idea? The main idea is. turning into a wolf.
Write two sentences to explain your main idea. I need to get the power. And then I can turn into a wolf.

It's times like this that make us weep for Ellorie's dear friend that moved to Texas a few months ago. They love to play "wolfs" together. We miss you Lindy!


Shatzi said...

I love Ellorie's imagination. She really does miss Lindy, too. Bria keeps telling me that Ellorie is planning a move to Texas so she can be by her friend Lindy. Bria's convinced Ellorie really is moving. I have to talk her out of believing it almost every day. Those girls are so funny!

Brittany said...

I love it...super cute! She is such a good artist.

carol said...

Believe you me, Lindy misses Ellorie every day. She may have been acting in that picture, but there have been real tears, lady. And Lindy has cried too. :) Miss you guys tons.

carol said...

p.s. the other day we got home from the store to find and enormous frog sitting on our sidewalk. Like, worthy of making a horror movie about, HUGE. Lindy wanted to send it to Ellorie. Unfortunately (wink wink) we could not think of a way to safely send it, so we let it go on to terrorize small villages.