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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Pac Man's Day

We had a lovely St. Patrick's day today. Averie was all decked out in green from head to toe. All the kids were. Mason even announced that he was wearing green underwear, just in case.

We had oatmeal applesauce pancakes, colored green, for breakfast. A slam dunk. Even Rylan was a fan.

Averie was misinformed about today's holiday. We were all wearing green this morning and she was happily joining in the fun. But she was a little confused. After the kids left for school she asked me a very serious question, "Mom, if it's Pac Man day and Pac Man is yellow, why are we wearing green and not yellow? Because Pac Man is yellow."

I have no idea how she even knows what Pac Man is, but she has a valid point. I'm not Irish, nor Catholic, so it might as well be Pac Man day. I mean why in the world do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day? I guess because it's an excuse to wear green, use food coloring in every dish for the day, and hunt for leprechauns. Which is what Ellorie did today.

Ellorie is seven. She has it fixed in her mind that leprechauns are positively real. I have in no way encouraged this belief. I've tried to tell her leprechauns are just for fun, and not real, but she just won't hear of it. She came home from school today and got her jar of coins and set "traps" to try and catch one. She hid under the covers in her bed for a solid 20 minutes watching the jar, waiting to spring out and catch a leprechaun in the act. She was dead serious. She said that she could hear them sneaking around, but that she hadn't seen one yet. She is certain that they are about two inches tall, love coins, and get into lots of mischief. Should I be concerned that she honestly believes in two-inch tall mischievous green-clad men living in our house? It's all a little unsettling. I mean, how does the child sleep at night?

I spent the day cutting out patterns for Easter dresses. It took hours. I'm not so skilled at following patterns, so we'll see how they turn out. I'm more of a make-it-as-I-go sorta girl. I'm really excited to get started sewing them tomorrow. Hope you had a happy St. Pac Man's!


Kelsey Larsen said...

Haha I miss my Averie!!! I need to give her a squeeze I remember having quiet little clarifying conversations with mom about things like that too like when you brought "docs" home from some discount store and everyone was on the phone placing their orders with you cuz they were "only 45 bucks!" .... I was so confused but wanted in on all the action and was begging mom for whatever everyone was buying haha

The Wendt Wagon said...

You are amazing. I can not get over how motivated you are. I spray painted my kids hair green, and we talked about teying to trap a leprechan. You always go all out for every holiday, and every other day might I add.
I love Avery's blanket. What a great idea to not have to see her wear the shirt again. So Funny!!