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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Last weekend was the big Pinewood Derby for Mason's cub scout Pack. He was so excited. He lovingly crafted his car, and prepared for the big day.

The track was very cool. Extra-long, and an optional loop-de-loop for added excitement.

The competition was steep. Clearly, there were some daddies that had done this before.

The anticipation was painful:

And though Mason wasn't the winner, having fun isn't always about winning. We all had a great time! Hooray for cub scouts!

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The Wendt Wagon said...

I agree. Thank googness for cub scouts. It lets them be boys, and do things like tye 8 different knots, shoot nast bee bee guns, and look at the stars. So much fun. I love Masons car.