"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Friday, March 25, 2011


I do this every year.

I KNOW that it doesn't turn into spring here until late May.

I know it.

But something deeply ingrained in my soul tells me that March is supposed to be spring. That tulips bloom, birds sing, rain falls, sun shines, and grass begins to grow. That's just the way it is supposed to be.

This cold place likes to play tricks on me. It was warm and beautiful for several days in a row. No wind. Lots of sunshine. I mean, it warmed up to like 40 degrees! Summer! I'm telling you. The kids broke out the shorts and t-shirts. But I think we've had snow every day this week. And wind. I'll take the snow over the wind any day. And it is a veritable blizzard outside at the moment. The point is, we have a long way to go before I can look forward to outdoor weather.

But there is a bright side. Look what is emerging from my flower bed:

I was so worried that I killed my tulips when I re-planted them and split up the bulbs this fall. I'm not much of a flower gardner. Yet. Or maybe ever while we live in Idaho. It's an uphill battle. But I was delighted that my little bulbs seem to have survived. Never mind that the flower bed looked like this the next day:

One thing that brings me great joy in the frigid "spring" of Idaho is planning my garden and planting starts. Last year I set up my growing area in the basement, and so this year it was easy peasy to get my little plants going. HERE is the post that tells about the growing station, if you are interested. And HERE is a video that shows exactly how to go about making your own. (Gotta love YouTube.)

Here is my setup this year:

One long table full of starts, two long shop lights with full spectrum bulbs (2 warm, 2 cool), two oscillating fans (we have serious wind here), two heat lamps, a power strip with a timer, and lots of love.

So far this year I have planted: eggplant, artichoke, jalapeno, bell peppers, butternut squash, a variety of pumpkins, non-hybrid organic tomatoes, and Brussel sprouts. In two weeks I'll plant the hybrid tomatoes and tomatillos, and possibly zucchini and crookneck squash.

Just look at my cute little eggplant sprouts. They make me happy.

And artichokes. I'm planting a whole row of these babies this year. They grow really well here, it turns out. Highly recommended.

So somehow I've turned into this person that loves to garden. You know, at least until I have to start weeding my 40 by 60 foot garden. Let's just enjoy the moment though. Snow and all.


Debbie Murdock said...

I wish we could have a garden like that...our plot is so small we have to plan exactly what goes in and not very much. I'm ready for the snow to be gone...it's snowing here too. I got 2 days worth full of pruning and had to stop because the wind was biting cold.

Shatzi said...

I forgot you told me that Artichokes grow really well here. I wasn't going to do any starts this year, but maybe I should do some of those. We love, love, love artichokes.

Brittany said...

I would take snow or rain over wind anyday...in fact I just said that to Derek yesterday when it was windy. And if it makes you feel any better it's not very Springy in Utah either...it is snowing right now.

Sharee said...

Im thinking I might try a few things this year since we will finally have a yard, but I have a lot of learning to do. Its worth it though when you have tons of fresh fruits and veggies in your fridge all summer long. I can't wait!