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Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fools Me Every Time...

The meanest April fool's trick of all was the beautiful Friday weather followed by a frigid, gusty weekend. Blah! Go away bitter cold wind and weather, we're ready for summer! April is always miserable here. I just forget about that every year. That's why I say April fools me every year.

Anyway, we don't usually celebrate pseudo-holidays like April Fool's, BUT... we were having company come for the weekend, and I couldn't help myself. I had a to-do list a mile long, but I threw caution to the wind and threw my long list aside and started making uh... cupcakes.

I don't even like cupcakes. It's true. They sort of make me want to throw up. But they are pretty and I like to make them and look at them. And every so often, usually against my better judgement, I do just that.

You see, I found this blog post on this ever-so-creative cooking blog, and I totally copied the darling cupcakes. It was a blast. It was especially fun because my nieces and nephews came for the weekend, and they are cupcake eaters. (Most of my kids don't like cupcakes either.) I didn't get any pictures of them enjoying the cupcakes though. I guess we were just having too much fun.

Okay, so here they are:

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
(frosting, starburst, and caramel topping)

Spaghetti with a meatball and parmesan cheese
(frosting, Ferrero Rocher, strawberry jam, and white chocolate shavings.)

Peas and Carrots (green frosting and green & orange Starburst)

Ellorie, pretending to be astounded about the cupcakes while eating her bagel. She doesn't like cupcakes.

I still can't get over how real they looked. I used carrot cake for the cake part. I thought it was gross, but I don't really like cake, so I'm not the right person to ask about that. Everyone else seemed to like them. They are all gone now! It was a really fun little "trick".


Heather said...

I love the cupcakes. Your amazing. I would never put so much work into something I didn't like to eat. Terrible, I know. And I totally copied the job chart idea. I love it!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Yumm, I do like cupcakes, and these are a cool April Fools!

I planned to play an April Fools on my brother by telling him the paper sack with an item he bought from an antique show was tossed as food trash, but as we were dropped off at the airport, I had to dig it out of my purse and hand him the bag....so it didn't quite come off as I wanted..

carol said...

HA! When I first clicked on your blog I was like, "what a clever idea to serve mashed potatoes in cupcake liners." I think I need to work on my gullibility. Fantastic looking cupcakes, I might have to copy this next year!

Anna said...

Very, very cool. My husband was sitting next to me on the couch while I checking out your blog, and I showed him these ingenious, tricky cupcakes. He was also very impressed!