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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Averie!

My sweet Averie girl turned 4 years old on Monday.

Unfortunately, we were traveling on her actual birthday, so she sort of got ripped off on the whole birthday thing. She doesn't know that though. We were in Washington at Brandon's parents house on Sunday, so we celebrated her birthday a day early with all the family and cousins that were there.

It was somewhat of an impromptu party, complete with a really interesting Cake Wrecks-worthy cake.

She wanted a friendly looking dragon? {By the way, cake decorating? Not my talent.} The frosting was mixed with lemon pudding and was tasty, but really runny. It looked "cute" for all of two minutes before it started running off the sides. Oh well. Birthday cake is over-rated anyway.

Averie had lots and lots of help from siblings and cousins opening her presents. They also had a giant wrestling match with "uncle Brandon" after the festivities. The best kind of pandemonium. We were not short for entertainment.

Averie got to spend her (sort of) birthday with lots of awesome aunts, uncles, and cousins that we don't get to see very often. Hooray for family!

Grandma Allen

Aunt Sharee, Case and Miles (also Mason).

Darren, Tessa, Kloee, and Uncle Mills

Grandpa Allen, hiding from the camera, but we caught him...

Uncle Chad was really sneaky and managed to avoid having his picture taken. Cousins Sydney, Brooklyn, Trevor, and Audrie came too. Great-Grandpa Allen and Ellen came to visit as well.

Grandpa and Ellen got a kick out of the kids rough-housing. It was pretty tumultuous.

And Averie wanted me to take a picture of her favorite new sandals from Grandma Gina. She got a lot of cute new clothes and a few toys too. I think she had a really fun (sort of) birthday.

Happy Birthday Darlin'. We sure love you!!


Shatzi said...

Happy Birthday Averie!!! How fun that she got to take a trip for her birthday. =)

carol said...

Happy Birthday, Averie! I love the cake. And I love cakewrecks! Spend way too much time on there, laughing at people's expense. :) Hope you guys are enjoying summer break!

Brooklyn said...

I can't believe she is four! Looks like she had a lot of fun! :)