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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ohme Gardens - Wenatchee, WA

On our little road trip we stopped in Wenatchee, a beautiful city in central Washington. The city is divided by the Columbia River and at the bottom of a canyon. There are orchards EVERYWHERE. There will be a house or two, then an orchard, another house, and then another orchard... Apparently it's the apple capital of America. Lots of cherries and pears too.

We had a little time to burn in Wenatchee, and the kids were antsy from being in the car for hours and hours. My father-in-law took us to these cool gardens that someone told him about. They are called the Ohme gardens. At first, we didn't know what to expect. They give you walking sticks at the front gate, which the kids loved. There is a map to follow around if you wish. And they did wish, in case you were wondering. My kids are somewhat obsessed with maps.

Walking sticks + maps + cool rock staircases + hidden pools of water = Mason and Ellorie in adventure heaven. They were captivated for hours.

There were these awesome rock staircases everywhere. Talk about a workout. I think I hiked several miles.

Averie was deathly afraid of the bees that were everywhere. She was having a tough time at first, but eventually calmed down about them. The shadowy side of the garden had fewer bees.

Here's a map of the place:

And some scenic shots from the website:

Ellorie's walking stick also doubled at a water-skeeter catcher. Go figure.

The wishing well was a big hit.

Beautiful flowers everywhere.

Mason was a big helper with Rylan. He was a bit of a handful on all those uneven surfaces. His favorite part was running down the grassy hills.

It was a great place to visit. I highly recommend going if you have the chance.


shaina said...

Oh, sounds like something that would be on my favorite's list! Just beautiful!

Brittany said...

Beautiful pics!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful place! It looks like the kids had a blast!