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Friday, May 6, 2011

Rylan's Haircut

Rylan had a sort of hair cut once. Just to remove the mullet. But this is the first real haircut for him. It wasn't really that long, just sort of... bushy.

Okay, quite bushy. It had to go.

He was really wiggly, so it was tricky to get it semi-straight. I let him stand on the bathroom counter and play with all the things he's usually not allowed to touch, so he was pretty good. I actually cut off more hair than I thought! Check out this little ponytail I collected:

Much better now, don't you think?


Brittany said...

He's so adorable!

The Wendt Wagon said...

Hair cuts always make them look so big. I can't believe how huge his beautiful brown eyes are. You dod a great job on his hair.

Kelsey Larsen said...

So darling. Youre a haircut PRO!

Trina said...

Cute haircut and adorable baby boy. He has AMAZING brown eyes!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Adorable! (before and after naturally)

Anna said...

You did a very good job---especially because he was wiggly. He looks so grown-up and darling (of course).