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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Schoooolzzz Out For Summmmer...

Summer break already? Tomorrow is the last day of school. And it's only a half-day.
Can you believe it? I'm struggling with the idea myself. Especially since it's cold, windy, and nasty outside. Isn't the last day of school supposed to be warm and beautiful?

Well, we decided to celebrate anyway. The kids got some free bowling passes, so last night we loaded up and took the fam bowling. (although the "FREE" bowling was technically a rip-off as it cost more to rent the mandatory shoes than it actually cost to bowl. Oh well. Suckers!)

The kids had a blast. We were the only people bowling in the entire place. Mason beat everyone, even Brandon. He was pretty pleased about that. Averie rolled two strikes, much to her delight. Ellorie rolled a bunch of spares. And Rylan was just fascinated watching the balls. I don't know why we don't do things like this more often. It was a really fun evening.

After bowling we went out for ice cream and played "I Spy with my Little Eye". I just love my family.

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Brittany said...

Those ice cream cones look yummy! Cute family :)