"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Still Here...

No, I did not fall off the planet. Sorry for my absence. (If there are actually any remaining readers out there to apologize to.) I have an excuse. Well, not really an excuse, but more of a reason:

We are MOVING!

To Washington. State. I'm sort of in shock, but very excited. Brandon found two awesome potential jobs in WA recently. We just heard back on his "dream job" today, and he landed it!!! I literally jumped up and down. And then I squealed, and then I cried, and then I laughed, and now I'm blogging.

I have lots of mixed emotions. I'm very excited for a change. I'm kind of a sucker for change. We've been hanging in limbo for weeks, and I haven't been able to post anything about it and it has been killing me. I'm so relieved to finally know where we will be moving.

I'm looking forward to having a husband that actually, like, comes home for dinner. And living in a place with a growing season that is longer than, say, 2 months. And never, ever, ever being a tax season widow again. Those are awesome things.

But there are some things that make me sad. We are moving far away from lots of family and good friends and a great ward and neighbors. I've made so many good friends here and I'm super sad about leaving you. And all our Utah loved ones will be just that much farther away. But I swear to visit as often as possible. You have my word! And in all honesty, we will probably be able to travel to Utah about as much as we do now. We'll have to come by the Idaho way to visit. We literally have friends and family all over now. I feel so very blessed.

I'm also sad to leave my great art groups and my NEARLY FINISHED BASEMENT for which we spent a great deal of time, money, blood, sweat, and tears. Ditto on the garden. And a few things that don't matter so much, like the yearly library card I just payed for, or the awesome preschool I found for Averie and just paid the deposit, or my art organization memberships that were just recently renewed. Not to mention my cute little garden starts that I ended up giving away to all my neighbors. At least they went to good homes. Speaking of going to good homes, I think I may have found a new home for our pup Rocket. He is going to be an apartment dog I think. Can you imagine having wild, energetic, crazy, destructive Rocket in an apartment? Apparently she is an extreme dog lover. We'll see how that one works out.

So if you know anyone that is moving to Idaho and is thinking about looking for a home in Rigby, send them my way. Our house is amazingly clean at the moment. It almost makes me want to stay. But seriously, it has been a wonderful house and I hope a wonderful family can take advantage of our hard work. We have honestly loved it here.

I will certainly post more on the subject. I am once again a blogger!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Family Reunion

We have been so busy! I got home from my art retreat (Read about it HERE), and had just one day to unpack, re-pack and get ready for another trip to Wyoming for a family reunion. Whew! We have been driving so much this month. It was totally worth it though. The reunion was awesome.

It was held at the most amazing lodge on a huge ranch. And when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING. We had nearly 50 people there and had room to spare.

The gourmet food was prepared by my brother Shane, the chef and was better than any restaurant. I'm not exaggerating here. We totally feasted. I shall begin my diet.. tomorrow.

Ellorie's favorite part was the rowboat on the pond. Mason and Ellorie both loved the fishing.

Ellorie, fishing with Uncle Kyle (My Dad's brother).

They all enjoyed the freedom of just being outside and running around. Averie's favorite? Um, the endless supply of treats and junk food. Sigh.

Rylan was a little stinker and was totally stressed out by all the people. He spent most of the time whining and making dirty faces at all the loving relatives. Averie was the same way at his age. I guess he'll outgrow it eventually.

It was so much fun to see everyone and visit for a bit. We also had a great little program and talent show.

There were so many loved ones that we just don't get to see enough. It went by really fast and seemed too short! Chasing my children around took a good portion of the time there. I really miss my grandparents and didn't get enough time to talk to them. We'll have to go visit them again soon. We love you Grandma and Grandpa! Thank you for the awesome reunion.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Averie's Talent

We had a church talent show and this was Averie's talent. She is performing again tomorrow night at the family reunion, so if you will be in attendance, you may not want to watch it just yet.

Here is the dialogue if you can't make it out:

How does a dinosaur eat all his food?
Does he burp, does he belch, or make noises quite rude?
Does he pick at his cereal, throw down his cup, hoping to make someone else pick it up?
Does he fuss, does he fidget or squirm in his chair? Does he flip his spaghetti high into the air?
Does a dinosaur glare?
How does a dinosaur eat all his food?
Does he spit out his broccoli partially chewed?
Does he bubble his milk? Stick beans up his nose? Does he squeeze juicy oranges with his big toes?
He says, "please" and "thank you", he sits very still.
He eats all before him and smiles with goodwill.
He tries every new thing, at least one small bite.
He makes no loud noises, that isn't polite.
He never drops anything onto the floor, and after he's finished, he asks for some more.
Eat up, eat up little dinosaur!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

First "Real" Week of Summer

Summer is really here. I mean, except for the weather. I'll settle for spring though. It's better than what we've had up until this point. I don't mean to complain, it's just that 9 months of winter gets old after a while. We were all excited for a nice-ish day or two this week.

We fed the ducks and squirrels on the green belt. Rylan was enchanted.

We finger painted and watercolor painted and colored with crayons and markers and pencils and drew and play doh-ed to our hearts content.

Mason read. A whole lot.

Like four-Harry-Potter-books-and-five-Garfield-books-a-lot. He's so happy to NOT have to read from the A.R. list for once. The girls read a lot too. We checked out 23 books from the public library. Most of them are on lizards, dinosaurs, and dragons. Go figure.

We enjoyed the sunshine and dodged the rain and wind. The kids were really hopeful yesterday when it was all sunny. They went to play in the water at the neighbors house for a while. It was like 60 degrees. They all came back freezing and shivering. Sorry guys, maybe in July. Or maybe August?

My tulips were lovely this year. I was a little worried about them because I dug up and split all the bulbs last fall. But it worked! Except the purple ones died. Just the purple ones. Strange.

And other than that I have just been running around in circles after these cute little monkeys. Mason started soccer on Friday and Ellorie starts tomorrow. It was a great first week!

Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day in Driggs with Melissa & Jason (Brandon's sister and fam). It was cold and overcast and threatening rain, but we made the most of it. That morning we went to a little program at the cemetery. They spoke about our country and our freedom, sang a patriotic song, and had a 21 gun salute.

Mason and Ellorie each found one of the shells. Sweet!

We are so grateful for the men and woman who sacrifice their lives to make our country free! Hope you had a great Memorial Day as well.

More Washington Pix

Oh yeah, I have a blog...

Um. So it turns out that summer is WAY busier with four kids home than it was last year. Simply keeping them fed and the kitchen cleaned up takes all day. I hardly logged on to the computer all week, not to mention all the other things I thought I would get done. I think this will take some getting used to.

I just barely unloaded these pictures from my camera from our Washington trip, so I thought I might as well throw them on the blog.

This is bottled turkey. Pretty exciting, no?

We sort of have a little tradition of canning something whenever I have some extra time with my mother-in-law. She is awesome at canning, and has all the equipment to help me. So this time I took up some frozen turkeys that I bought after Thanksgiving this year. We bottled 19 pints of meat and another 8 of broth. It is delicious and awesome. Hooray! {Am I the only one that gets excited about bottled turkey?}

These are the cutest little doggies that Aunt Tessa made for Averie for her birthday. She adores them. She named them Sparkles and Liberty.

This is Ellorie climbing Grandpa's big apricot tree. She loves this tree. She would have spent all day in it if it hadn't rained off and on.

She told me that when Grandpa and Grandma move, we should buy their house so she can climb in this tree every day. Ummm no. But it is a great tree. All of the trees in our yard are little sticks. And half of them froze this winter. Lovely.

And lastly, here is Brandon's new pet:


But he did catch this huge, gross opossum in a live animal trap in the yard. The picture doesn't quite do it justice. It almost looks cute here. Not cute. And it was huge. Bigger than a large cat. It liked to hiss and bare it's teeth. I was a little bit creeped out that those things were running around the yard my children were playing. At least they are nocturnal. Ewwww.

The flowers and garden and trees there were all amazing. Considering my garden consists of bare dirt and the trees have a few buds. The ones that didn't freeze that is.

Playing with cousins:

Riding bikes

It was a really fun trip.