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Sunday, June 5, 2011

First "Real" Week of Summer

Summer is really here. I mean, except for the weather. I'll settle for spring though. It's better than what we've had up until this point. I don't mean to complain, it's just that 9 months of winter gets old after a while. We were all excited for a nice-ish day or two this week.

We fed the ducks and squirrels on the green belt. Rylan was enchanted.

We finger painted and watercolor painted and colored with crayons and markers and pencils and drew and play doh-ed to our hearts content.

Mason read. A whole lot.

Like four-Harry-Potter-books-and-five-Garfield-books-a-lot. He's so happy to NOT have to read from the A.R. list for once. The girls read a lot too. We checked out 23 books from the public library. Most of them are on lizards, dinosaurs, and dragons. Go figure.

We enjoyed the sunshine and dodged the rain and wind. The kids were really hopeful yesterday when it was all sunny. They went to play in the water at the neighbors house for a while. It was like 60 degrees. They all came back freezing and shivering. Sorry guys, maybe in July. Or maybe August?

My tulips were lovely this year. I was a little worried about them because I dug up and split all the bulbs last fall. But it worked! Except the purple ones died. Just the purple ones. Strange.

And other than that I have just been running around in circles after these cute little monkeys. Mason started soccer on Friday and Ellorie starts tomorrow. It was a great first week!

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wienerhoneymooners said...

Just georgeous! It helps when the flowers bloom to lift the spirits..