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Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Washington Pix

Oh yeah, I have a blog...

Um. So it turns out that summer is WAY busier with four kids home than it was last year. Simply keeping them fed and the kitchen cleaned up takes all day. I hardly logged on to the computer all week, not to mention all the other things I thought I would get done. I think this will take some getting used to.

I just barely unloaded these pictures from my camera from our Washington trip, so I thought I might as well throw them on the blog.

This is bottled turkey. Pretty exciting, no?

We sort of have a little tradition of canning something whenever I have some extra time with my mother-in-law. She is awesome at canning, and has all the equipment to help me. So this time I took up some frozen turkeys that I bought after Thanksgiving this year. We bottled 19 pints of meat and another 8 of broth. It is delicious and awesome. Hooray! {Am I the only one that gets excited about bottled turkey?}

These are the cutest little doggies that Aunt Tessa made for Averie for her birthday. She adores them. She named them Sparkles and Liberty.

This is Ellorie climbing Grandpa's big apricot tree. She loves this tree. She would have spent all day in it if it hadn't rained off and on.

She told me that when Grandpa and Grandma move, we should buy their house so she can climb in this tree every day. Ummm no. But it is a great tree. All of the trees in our yard are little sticks. And half of them froze this winter. Lovely.

And lastly, here is Brandon's new pet:


But he did catch this huge, gross opossum in a live animal trap in the yard. The picture doesn't quite do it justice. It almost looks cute here. Not cute. And it was huge. Bigger than a large cat. It liked to hiss and bare it's teeth. I was a little bit creeped out that those things were running around the yard my children were playing. At least they are nocturnal. Ewwww.

The flowers and garden and trees there were all amazing. Considering my garden consists of bare dirt and the trees have a few buds. The ones that didn't freeze that is.

Playing with cousins:

Riding bikes

It was a really fun trip.

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Jana said...

I get super excited about canning meat too! I canned 14 half-pints of chicken just this morning!