"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Our soccer season was cut short this year due to the big move. Mason and Ellorie don't seem too broken up about it. I'm thinking that soccer isn't our sport. They both did really well, and made great improvements. Ellorie is just more interested in bugs than the ball, and Mason is a touch frightened by the peril of mortal injury. It was a learning experience for all.

So one of the teams was navy blue and the other was hot pink. Can you guess which one was which?

Yup. Ellorie's team was the Blue Dragons, and Mason was the Pink Panthers. Some of the girls on the team wanted to be called the Pink Pansies, but it was voted down. Good call.

Both teams are actually quite successful due to awesome coaches and actual practices. It was pretty impressive. I think they both won every game they played in. After one close game, Mason told me, "Mom, that would have been cool if the other team got one more goal and we tied, because then both teams could win." Yeah. That pretty much sums up Mason's playing strategy. He is really good at passing and assisting goals though. There are some crazy-good kids on his team. It's really fun to watch them play. And I may or may not be one of "those moms" that is overly vocal at the games. Mason hates it. I'm working on it.

Ellorie's age group is a little slower-paced, but still highly entertaining. I have to repeatedly remind myself not to laugh at them. Like when the goalie has to re-do the goal kick 27 times because he can't quite get it to go far enough, or when Ellorie catches a moth instead of the ball while playing goalie, or when the kids are kicking the ball the wrong direction. Or when Averie runs on the field to talk to Ellorie mid-game. Things like that.

Her friend Cade likes to play wolves or dragons with her after the games. We'll miss all of their cute friends!

Mason and his good buddy Brendon:

I'm sad that the kids have to miss their last several games. We left Mason and Ellorie in Washington with their grandma and aunts and cousins.

I will miss Mason and Ellorie terribly this week, but not that terribly on the actual trips. As Ellorie reminded me, it will "save her" 20 hours of driving time. Point taken. She is the worst traveller of all of our children. You know, the one that asks if we are there yet every 15 minutes of a 9 hour drive, and whines about it every minute in between. And Mason loves to tease her when he is bored, so mix the two together and it makes for a long drive. Trust me, I know. Averie is an angel in the car for some reason. She is the best passenger ever. She just sits quietly and sings to herself and takes naps and talks to us about her deep contemplations on the universe and such. Rylan in patient for about the first three hours, and then, not so much. I'm typing this at 6 hours into our drive and he has a steady squawk to wail going on from the back seat. Poor kid. I think the move has been the most stressful for him so far. Just a few days left! I can't believe it.

Grandma Gina's House

Here are a few more pictures from when we went to my Mom's house two weeks ago. I haven't had a chance to get them on here, so better late than never:

We went to a little park up in the canyon one afternoon. It was HOT, but the kids loved it. They also loved jumping on the trampoline of course. And "cousin" Tucker, Kelsey's dog.

It was really fun to see everyone before we head off to the northwest. It was sad to say goodbye, but I'm sure we will journey down there often.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

18 Months

My baby is 18 months old now. Can you believe it? He is really tough to take pictures of at the moment because he never holds still and has zero interest in smiling at the camera. He is just too cute though.

Here are some of Rylan's Preferences at 18 Months:


Food -

Yogurt, Freeze Dried yogurt bites, Green smoothies (really!), bananas, strawberries, applesauce, baby food, oatmeal

He just barely cut his 5th tooth. Is it strange that he is this old and doesn't have more teeth? He has a hard time chewing most kind of food.


Balls, Cars, Ellorie's stuffed animals, Plastic cows, Things with buttons

Past Times-

Chasing and wrestling with Ellorie, Teasing Averie, "Crying" at the vacuum, napping (He begs for naps, totally loves them.), baths and water, running outside, making messes, drawing/coloring on everything, throwing and kicking balls

Comfort Items-

Binky (Pacifier) and Bubba (Blanket)


He love, love, loves dogs and cats.


Mommom, Da (Dad), Bubba, Beeee (binky), bye-bye, Oh-oh, Deee (drink), Dah (dog), Yeah, No, Nana (banana), beh (berry or bread), puppy

Animal Sounds - Snake, Horse, Monkey, Birds, Chicken, Cow, Puppy, Kitty

Random Favorites- Bubbles, "fuzzy" things, bugs, giggling with his siblings,

Does Not Love:

The vacuum

Strangers. Or anyone besides immediate family members. (A socialite he is not.)

Long car rides (Unfortunate, considering that we will be spending a lot of time in the car in the near future.)

Hearing loud noises (Though he does like MAKING loud noises.)

Averie taking his toys. (See comment on loud noises.)

Sitting in the cart at the grocery store. (*sigh*)

Here is a little video of Rylan making some animal sounds. Sorry about the wind noise. (It's never NOT windy here...)

I love that he's way more interested in the screw that is loose on the well than what I'm saying to him. Also, that I can't remember which animals to ask. Oh well. I'm happy he was cooperating for the camera, a rare occurrence.

Rylan makes me laugh hundreds of times every single day. He also keeps me on my toes, even with a house that is virtually empty. Today I caught him trying to stick a nail in a power outlet, trying to walk down the stairs facing forward, attempting to color on the wall, and jumping on the couch with a sharp pencil in each hand. He's very busy. It's a good thing he is such a cute boy. We sure love him!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Our summer so far has consisted of
1. travel
2. pack
3. clean like mad
4. rinse and repeat

Oh yeah, and some soccer thrown in there too.

It's been slightly insane, and I'm using that as an excuse for neglecting my blog. We're doing great, it has just been busy.

I feel much less stress about moving now that we know a moving company will be taking care of the actual moving part. Yeah, we have roughly 12,000 pounds of furniture, belongings, and C-R-A-P. This is not an exaggeration (like I am sometime prone to), but an actual estimate from a professional moving company. Twelve. Thousand. Pounds. Of stuff. In my house. Oh my heck!

Where did it all come from? How did I not know that I was a hoarder? By the way have you seen the show "Hoarders"? Don't do it. Totally gross, and riveting. Like a train wreck, you just can't stop watching. (By the way, it's free on Hulu.) And it makes me want to give and throw away everything I own, right now. If you want some good cleaning motivation, this is it.

So we've been giving away and throwing away and packing stuff like crazy. About a hundred times a day someone asks me where something is. I reply, "packed", "D.I.", "Gone", or "I don't know." about 99% of the time. Our house is pretty much empty. On the other hand, it's never been cleaner. I should just pack up all our stuff once or twice a year and pretend like we're moving. It's been super not to worry about shuffling around all the stuff.

Have the kids been bored without their stuff? Well, yes and no. The few toys remaining are used to their full advantage and potential.

The girls did a lot of art projects until the paper ran out. Now they look for other creative outlets. It usually involves mud or water.

Mason reads, pretty much non-stop.

Averie and Ellorie spend a good portion of their days playing outside in swimming suits and harassing the wildlife in the area.

And Rylan runs outside at every available opportunity, properly attired or not.

We will be making the big move in about two weeks now. It is insane how fast it has gone by. Now if someone would only buy our house...

New Hair/ My Celebrity Look-alike?

We've been making the rounds to farewell get-togethers with family and friends before our upcoming move. This weekend we traveled to my Mom's to spend a little time with Mom, Ken, Caden, and Kelsey. We won't see Caden for over a year as he is moving to Korea this week. It will be a little while before we will see Kels again too. It was fun, and a little sad. I hate goodbyes.

While I was there, my amazingly talented mother was kind enough to do my hair. It's been almost a year since I had it cut! Way too long. So I was sitting in her salon chair and trying to decide what style I wanted. I was discussing with my Mom and Kelsey and flipping my hair this way and that. And suddenly... I saw this in the mirror:

I started laughing and said, "Oh no! I look like Christian Siriano!!!" Mom starts laughing too, Kelsey has no idea who he is. I show her and she starts laughing too.

Here is a You Tube link if you are not wise to the Christian Siriano "fierce phenomenon".

(My apologies in advance.)
Brandon and Caden didn't get our little joke, so probably it won't register here as well. But I just have to post this. For posterity, you know.

Here is how my haircut actually turned out. I wanted it a little shorter since I probably won't get it cut again for another year. She always does such a fantastic job. Thanks Mom!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fabulous Fourth (uh... 2nd)

We actually celebrated Independence Day on Saturday the 2nd. We went to the gigantic celebration in Driggs. It was awesome! Like, really awesome. Best firework show evah!!

Huntsman Springs in Driggs had a gigantic carnival all day, BMX demonstrations, a juggler/comedian, a bunch of other attractions, and it was all free. We layed out blankets and chairs on the driving range and waited for the events to start. The evening program was a full orchestra playing patriotic music and honoring the veterans present. The fabulous Mr. Glenn Beck was the speaker before the firework show. WOW! He is such a powerful and moving speaker. It was such an awesome venue and perfect weather. It really couldn't have been more perfect.

Grandma Gina and Papa came for the evening program. Perfect!

It was by far the most amazing fireworks show I have ever attended.

The morning of the 4th we attended a little parade in Victor with cousins. It was smaller than usual, but the kids still got tons of candy and had a great time. It was a really fun weekend.

Hope you had a happy 4th as well!