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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

18 Months

My baby is 18 months old now. Can you believe it? He is really tough to take pictures of at the moment because he never holds still and has zero interest in smiling at the camera. He is just too cute though.

Here are some of Rylan's Preferences at 18 Months:


Food -

Yogurt, Freeze Dried yogurt bites, Green smoothies (really!), bananas, strawberries, applesauce, baby food, oatmeal

He just barely cut his 5th tooth. Is it strange that he is this old and doesn't have more teeth? He has a hard time chewing most kind of food.


Balls, Cars, Ellorie's stuffed animals, Plastic cows, Things with buttons

Past Times-

Chasing and wrestling with Ellorie, Teasing Averie, "Crying" at the vacuum, napping (He begs for naps, totally loves them.), baths and water, running outside, making messes, drawing/coloring on everything, throwing and kicking balls

Comfort Items-

Binky (Pacifier) and Bubba (Blanket)


He love, love, loves dogs and cats.


Mommom, Da (Dad), Bubba, Beeee (binky), bye-bye, Oh-oh, Deee (drink), Dah (dog), Yeah, No, Nana (banana), beh (berry or bread), puppy

Animal Sounds - Snake, Horse, Monkey, Birds, Chicken, Cow, Puppy, Kitty

Random Favorites- Bubbles, "fuzzy" things, bugs, giggling with his siblings,

Does Not Love:

The vacuum

Strangers. Or anyone besides immediate family members. (A socialite he is not.)

Long car rides (Unfortunate, considering that we will be spending a lot of time in the car in the near future.)

Hearing loud noises (Though he does like MAKING loud noises.)

Averie taking his toys. (See comment on loud noises.)

Sitting in the cart at the grocery store. (*sigh*)

Here is a little video of Rylan making some animal sounds. Sorry about the wind noise. (It's never NOT windy here...)

I love that he's way more interested in the screw that is loose on the well than what I'm saying to him. Also, that I can't remember which animals to ask. Oh well. I'm happy he was cooperating for the camera, a rare occurrence.

Rylan makes me laugh hundreds of times every single day. He also keeps me on my toes, even with a house that is virtually empty. Today I caught him trying to stick a nail in a power outlet, trying to walk down the stairs facing forward, attempting to color on the wall, and jumping on the couch with a sharp pencil in each hand. He's very busy. It's a good thing he is such a cute boy. We sure love him!


BrittanyLane said...

And upon watching the video a second time, I realized that he DID remove the screw from the well. Little stinker!

Sharee said...

Haha. He is too cute. You do know that Brandon at this age stuck a knife in an outlet and shocked himself pretty good :) Go check out my poor attempt at a garden on my blog...I'm sure I will do better every year. I've already learned tons what NOT to do :)

Shatzi said...

That video is adorable!! I think Rylan talks better than Logan (not that I'm a comparing parent...) I don't think I could even get Logan to learn animal sounds. He only mimics when he wants to, not when someone is trying to teach him. Maybe he's just an independent spirit at heart.

Brittany said...

Rylan is too cute! I love 18 month olds...probably my favorite age.

The Wendt Wagon said...

A nail in the electric outlet. He sounds like would fit in at my house full of active boys. It is so sad how fast they grow. He is so cute.

wienerhoneymooners said...

ohhhh so adorable. I love the ssshhssshhh shhhh of the snake.I wish Conrad was that age again!!!

Anna said...

"Active" is an understatement! Rylan sounds like a true dare-devil! A Evil Kenevil in the making. Despite his wild side, he is a precious lil' guy.