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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This is Iggy.

I have been a fairly negligent blogger, or else you would know all about Iggy. My brother, Shane has always had iguanas for pets. They seem to be more personable than other reptiles I have known. (And I haven't known many.) Iggy is huge and very sweet and somewhat affectionate, and also huge.

Well, Shane happened to be moving (before we knew we would be moving) and gave his beloved Iggy to my adoring Ellorie. Can you believe her luck? The girl has been saving and begging and begging and saving for a lizard for over a year now. She was, of course, delighted.

But it turns out that iguanas are harder to care for than we originally anticipated. And it turns out, they poop. A lot. And also, it turns out that we are moving to Washington and the rentals all say "Cats and dogs okay, NO REPTILES." for reals. SOOOO, Iggy had to go back to Uncle Shane for the time being.
The girls were sad, to be sure, but not overly sad. I think the honeymoon was already over. And they weren't too fond of cleaning up the poop. Also, he has scratchy claws.
I think Brandon took a shine to the little guy though. He was a very excellent caretaker, even when poop was involved.

Iggy was an awesome pet for a few weeks. Thanks Uncle Shane for letting us take care of him for a little while! I hope he finds a great new home.


Kelsey Larsen said...

Whoa! He doubled in size from like... Five minutes ago, I swear! Granted, Shane has to hide him away when tuck comes around, but he grew really really fast really really quick!

Brittany said...

Ellorie looks like she was in Heaven!!!

wienerhoneymooners said...

He is gi-normous.... Pretty color!