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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Our soccer season was cut short this year due to the big move. Mason and Ellorie don't seem too broken up about it. I'm thinking that soccer isn't our sport. They both did really well, and made great improvements. Ellorie is just more interested in bugs than the ball, and Mason is a touch frightened by the peril of mortal injury. It was a learning experience for all.

So one of the teams was navy blue and the other was hot pink. Can you guess which one was which?

Yup. Ellorie's team was the Blue Dragons, and Mason was the Pink Panthers. Some of the girls on the team wanted to be called the Pink Pansies, but it was voted down. Good call.

Both teams are actually quite successful due to awesome coaches and actual practices. It was pretty impressive. I think they both won every game they played in. After one close game, Mason told me, "Mom, that would have been cool if the other team got one more goal and we tied, because then both teams could win." Yeah. That pretty much sums up Mason's playing strategy. He is really good at passing and assisting goals though. There are some crazy-good kids on his team. It's really fun to watch them play. And I may or may not be one of "those moms" that is overly vocal at the games. Mason hates it. I'm working on it.

Ellorie's age group is a little slower-paced, but still highly entertaining. I have to repeatedly remind myself not to laugh at them. Like when the goalie has to re-do the goal kick 27 times because he can't quite get it to go far enough, or when Ellorie catches a moth instead of the ball while playing goalie, or when the kids are kicking the ball the wrong direction. Or when Averie runs on the field to talk to Ellorie mid-game. Things like that.

Her friend Cade likes to play wolves or dragons with her after the games. We'll miss all of their cute friends!

Mason and his good buddy Brendon:

I'm sad that the kids have to miss their last several games. We left Mason and Ellorie in Washington with their grandma and aunts and cousins.

I will miss Mason and Ellorie terribly this week, but not that terribly on the actual trips. As Ellorie reminded me, it will "save her" 20 hours of driving time. Point taken. She is the worst traveller of all of our children. You know, the one that asks if we are there yet every 15 minutes of a 9 hour drive, and whines about it every minute in between. And Mason loves to tease her when he is bored, so mix the two together and it makes for a long drive. Trust me, I know. Averie is an angel in the car for some reason. She is the best passenger ever. She just sits quietly and sings to herself and takes naps and talks to us about her deep contemplations on the universe and such. Rylan in patient for about the first three hours, and then, not so much. I'm typing this at 6 hours into our drive and he has a steady squawk to wail going on from the back seat. Poor kid. I think the move has been the most stressful for him so far. Just a few days left! I can't believe it.


Brittany said...

I have never seen a hot pink soccer team...

The Wendt Wagon said...

A very good idea to forego the name of Pink Pansies. I think Mason appreciated it. Good Luck on your move. Can't wait to see pictures of your new house and hear about Brandon's dream job.