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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back Online in WA!

Internet, dear friend, I have missed you.

We moved! Like, for reals. And after two hours waiting at the DLD yesterday, I am officially a resident of Washington State. It's still surreal to me. I'm loving the warm weather and lack of wind, but I'm already really missing friends and family.

I sort of had a three week vacation from my camera, blogs, and pretty much everything else. The only downside was moving roughly 11,000 pounds of belongings in the process. (I was relieved to find that we had only 11,000 and not 14,000 pounds as that was what one of the movers estimated. Way too much crap, if you ask me. It's amazing how it accumulates.) Anyway, we are finally getting settled. Since I didn't even know where my camera was for at least a week, I haven't taken many pictures. But here is what we have:

Rylan and Averie eating the remaining contents of the freezer.

Rylan and Averie came back to Idaho with us for the move. Mason and Ellorie stayed in Washington with their grandma. It was sad not to have them there, but SO nice to not have to endure 20 extra hours of driving in the car with them. Also, we were able to get a lot more done while Rylan had naps during the day. My wonderful friend Shatzi watched Averie almost all week. We would definitely not have finished it all with out her help. She and my awesome friends Liz and Bonnie also came over and helped clean the house from top to bottom (literally) after the movers loaded up all the stuff. I am eternally grateful for all their help!

The gigantic trailer that held all of our earthly belongings:

Don't worry, we only filled about a third of the beast.
(And as a side note, those packers are seriously skilled at fitting things in a small space. It was like watching a real-life game of Tetris.)

And last but not least, our new little rental house:

This is the back view as the front is pretty much just the garage. The kids are totally in love with the playground. We love our neighborhood and ward so far and can't wait to meet more of the neighbors.

The house is brand new and has WHITE carpet and WHITE matte finish walls. (What were they thinking? What was I thinking? Goodbye huge deposit.) We love most things about the house though. It was vacant for 4 years, but has never been lived in by anyone other than spiders and one mouse that is now very dead. Another story for another day. Another huge plus is the two car garage to temporally store all of our afore mentioned crap.

I guess I'm starting to feel "settled", whatever that means. Everything is still very new. I get lost every time I drive anywhere. Not really "lost", uh, I just take a lot of "detours". Mason gets really annoyed with me every time I get on the wrong freeway. I'm working on it. I'm used to living on a grid, and these roads are more like a spaghetti bowl.

The kids start swimming lessons tomorrow and we are all really excited about that. Brandon is absolutely loving his new job as the financial controller at the hospital. It's always great to have a happy husband. I am back online now, and I'm ready to blog once again so stay tuned!


wienerhoneymooners said...

Yay- She's BACK! I would need a week of naps (straight) to go through that ordeal. My husband swears we will never move again and live in this house 4EVER...
Moving is such a mess. I end up just packing all the useless things I needed to weed out, and am still finding things that need to go to the goodwill.

Cool house, coolest play area too.


Washingtonian Kimberly!

Anna said...

Congratulations on conquering the overwhelming battle of moving! Your house is lovely and in an ideal location. I hope your neighborhood is friendly, and has an ample supply of kids.

Welcome back to the cyber world. Keep us posted on how you are adjusting to your new surroundings.

Shatzi said...

Bria's been dying to see a photo of your new house! She almost forgot you moved on our trip and said she was excited to get home and play with Ellorie. Silly girl! Good thing there is such an awesome place to send the kids outside so they don't ruin the carpet!

Darren and Tessa said...

Im SOOO glad your here!!!!

Brittany said...

I drove once when we were in Washington and I hated it. I don't get it at all.

carol said...

So glad you are back online! I love your house and your kids look like they are loving the swimming and tennis lessons! So fun, glad you're getting "settled." :)

Sharee said...

Yeah!!! I am so excited for you guys! Can't wait to be able to visit with you at Christmas time!