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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bird Refuge

Mason's new scout group had an activity at a bird and wildlife refuge nearby. The whole family was invited, and so we went. (And of course I forgot my camera. These pix are from Brandon's sub-par cell phone camera. My apologies.) Also, add to the list of things we cannot find: Mason's scout shirt.

Ellorie and Averie were totally in their element. Bugs and birds galore!

No, Averie is not crying because there is a grasshopper on her neck. She is crying because she has to let it go in the weeds. She wanted to bring it home with her.

Ellorie immediately found a preying mantis and Averie was clearly in love with all the bugs. They got to watch invertebrates swim around under microscopes and look through telescopes at huge osprey in their nests across the water. Mason loved watching the osprey. He was also fascinated by the tiny mosquito and dragonfly larvae.

A worker there was putting tracking bands on mallard ducks and the kids were allowed to "assist" him. They banded several ducks and then released them.

The refuge there keeps records of all the ducks and tracks where they migrate and live. These ducks travel as far as Alaska and Tennessee. All the kids were totally enthralled. Ellorie has reaffirmed her desire to be a entomologist when she grows up.

There was also a bird dog demonstration and a little class on how to build wood duck boxes.
A taxidermist was stuffing a duck, which the kids found really interesting. They had a museum of sorts inside with all kinds of local birds and animals.
Rylan couldn't stop giggling at all the animals and birds. Ellorie loved the coyote and peregrine falcon in the museum. It is pretty impressive to see some of those huge, powerful birds up close and personal.

We didn't stay too long because it got really hot and Rylan was ready for a nap. I think with all the aspiring scientists in this house that we will likely be returning again.

Here are a few more pictures I nabbed from the World Wide Web. My in-law's home is actually in the background of this one. This refuge was literally in Brandon's backyard growing up. He did his Eagle Scout project here as a youth.


Shatzi said...

What a cool place to grow up! At one point, Dave and I were looking at land that had a bird refuge behind it. Poor Averie! She looks so cute! I love how they love bugs so much!

Jesse and Michelle said...

I was looking at the pictures and was thinking it was in Burbank. Especially when I saw the one with their house in the background! Hope you are enjoying Washington!

Kim said...

Hi Brittany!! I found your blog through facebook, I'm gonna call, we need to get together. talk to you soon!

Sharee said...

Wow. That looks fun. I didn't know they did all that down there :) I love Averie's pic too and she is looking so grown up with her hair so long now...so cute!