"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Concise Correspondence

Dear iron, twin sheets, and bedding,

Where in the world are you? You have been greatly missed, but will be replaced in a very short while if you fail to make your presence known. That is all.


The Allen Family

Dear Library,

I adore you. Thank you for being open and full of books. You make the long summer days a treat.

Blissfully Yours,

A Delighted Library Patron

Dear Landlord,

I know it's really not effecting me personally, but the nine foot geyser in front of our house from the broken sprinkler is getting annoying. Sure, the kids enjoyed playing in it for the first day or so, but two weeks later I'm beginning to feel that the water would be better used in other ways. Like irrigating a large farm? Just a thought.


A Concerned Tenant
p.s. So how about those missing window screens and bathroom mirror?

Dear Swimming Lessons,

You are a life saver. Perhaps literally.

Gratefully Yours,

Mom of 4

Dear Idaho and Utah Friends and Family,

I miss you.

Love, Brittany

Dear Cardboard Boxes,

Why are there so many of you? I mean, you are flattened in a pile nearly to the ceiling. I'm sorry I have let you sit so long on my kitchen table, but I'm not really sure where to recycle you. That, and I have four busy children. I'll get around to it soon. Thank you for being patient.


Moving Mama

Dear Pigeons,

I never knew how much I would loathe hearing your cooing at 5:15 every morning. I mean, I'm used to interrupted sleep, but now that my children are finally sleeping through the night, I guess you had to fill the void. I sincerely hope you are happy.


Sleepless in the Suburbs

Dear Summer,

Thank you for being warm and long and beautiful. I'm enjoying every moment.

Love, Brittany


Shatzi said...

I love these!! I'm jealous of the warm and long and beautiful summer. It was 69 here today. Dave says it's supposed to warm up. I don't dare check the weather. It makes me sad that you can already feel the onset of fall. Oh...and we miss you too. More than you know.

Sharee said...

I love your correspondence posts!! So entertaining. I for one am excited that you are now living in Washington...I may get to see you more often now :) BTW you could probably sell your boxes on Craigslist and make quite a bit.

Brittany said...

There are geese in our backyard and you eventually get used to it and sleep through it (hopefully).