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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Go-Kart Fever

The old workplace in IF had their annual summer party on Brandon's last day of work in July. We like to think of it as a goodbye party. They had it at a place right down the street from our house that we had never been to. Figures, that we would realize something really cool was right next door the week before we moved. Oh well. The kids loved it.

Namely the Go-Karts.

Some kids beg for a pony, now mine beg for go-karts. Nearly every day, even weeks later.

Even Averie could drive the mini karts with some amount of skill. She was really nervous at first and wouldn't try them. After watching Mason and Ellorie for a while she decided to give it a "go". It was hilarious because she had this terrified, dead-serious look on her face the entire time. But when you asked her if she wanted to go try something else she refused to leave. She wanted to ride the go-karts forever and ever and ever.

She also has an inclination for road rage. She thought Mason bumped her once and totally tailgated and rammed him down for the rest of that session. None of these children shall ever possess driving licensed while they live under my roof unless a few things change drastically. Enough said.

The place was called "Riot Zone" and also had paddle boats, bumper boats, a rocket ride, rock climbing, and a gigantic bouncy house area. They were there in the hot sun all day and cried and cried when it was time to leave, 10 hours later. Rylan was grumpy and didn't like anything until the very end. We found out a few days later that he was cutting 5 teeth, so it was no surprise. Poor babe. He sort of zoned out an watched the rest of the kids play.

The office had a yummy dinner catered and we enjoyed the evening talking with Brandon's work friends. We have a lot of friends there that we are really going to miss! It was a bitter-sweet ending to four years of employment.

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Shatzi said...

I almost forgot about Riot Zone. We haven't been there since before we had kids. Maybe we should go!