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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lazy Afternoon, and the Consequences that Followed

School doesn't start until next week, so the kids (um, also I) have been a bit restless (read: lazy). We can't go places EVERY day, so yesterday I declared it to be a staying home day. It also also happened to coincide with a "no screen" day, which seemed like a great idea at the time. (Doesn't it always.)

Around two-o'clock-ish, however, our tiny little rental house with very white carpet was quite trashed. There were library books scattered everywhere, tiny bits of cut up paper from Ellorie's stuffed animal pajama pattern-making project, hundreds of watercolor masterpieces lying on every flat surface of the house to dry, all the toys from the toy closet dumped out in every corner of the house, garbage and food bits everywhere from Rylan's dumpster diving attempts, and then to add to the soup, Rylan dumped a whole bunch of dirty paint water (Which coincidentally I had asked the kids a dozen times to put away) all over the white carpet. Mommy had a small melt down and we cleaned up for a while. Fortunately, most of the paint came right up. No harm done. But next time we are painting OUTSIDE.

I took a few pictures of the kiddies painting. Rylan is super funny right now. He flashes this crazy grin every time he sees the camera. It totally cracks me up.

He is learning his colors and adores painting. His favorites are yellow and blue, which he now calls by name.

He's such a fun boy.

Mason read the entire book, the Candy Shop War, and then painted pictures of all the cool candy described in the book. He also took extensive notes. I think he's dying to go back to school. He sure is fun to have around the house. I'm going to miss him during the day! I love his unique perspective on things.

D'ya like my cardboard pile? I know, it totally needs to go. Tomorrow is recycling day.

Ellorie and Averie were super careful and cute with their narrative painting.

I love Mason's painting "stance". He's ready to take flight at a moment's notice.

They painted for a solid two hours and used nearly an entire package of paper. So I guess one major spill isn't too bad. It was really my fault anyway for not putting away the paint water sooner.

It's a little bitter-sweet that they will be at school all day in just one short week. The summer went by so quickly. Here's to the last of the lazy summer days!


Shatzi said...

I can't believe that Rylan can already recognize and say colors! I need to work with Logan more. That's so awesome!!!

Sharee said...

I love that your kids will stay focused on something for so long! I'm hoping its their ages cause I think Case has only painted for longer then five minutes once :)