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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer is for Sunshine!

School doesn't start here for a few weeks still, so we are enjoying the summer sunshine. The kids started swimming lessons on Monday and Mason is also doing tennis lessons.

I am so impressed with the teachers and the whole set-up. The actual swimming lesson is only 1/2 hour for each kid, but they are allowed to swim in the 2 foot kiddie pool during the other lessons. Their lessons are really spread out, so it adds up to 3 solid hours of swimming every day. Awesome! Ellorie and Averie have both learned a lot just messing around and practicing what they learned in their lesson. They all learned more in one day than in an entire session in previous years.

Rylan could go in the kiddie pool, and we have tried, but so far he much prefers to play fetch with Averie and splash in the drinking fountain by the bathrooms. Yuck. I keep him buckled in the stroller most of the time. He is not really loving it. Hopefully by next week I can get him to go into the water a little more.

Averie has never had lessons before, and has really only been swimming a few times in her life. She is no longer afraid of getting wet or putting her face in the water. She is doing really well. Here was her "backfloat" yesterday:

And here is Ellorie learning her "big arms":

She is doing really well at holding her breath under water. I've been very impressed at her progress considering that the last time she had swimming lessons she was still sitting on the stairs with a death-grip on the railing on the last day of classes. You should really see her "crocodile death roll" in the kiddie pool. The girls have been sharks or crocodiles in their make-believe this week. I guess wolves and dragons aren't swimmers.

Mason is a lot harder for me to get pictures of because he is always under the water. Here he is practicing his side breathing. Sort of.

Initially, we didn't sign up for the tennis lessons. Today Mason was totally obsessed with watching the boys his age play. He was begging to play tennis. The lady in charge happened to overhear him begging and told me he could take lessons for the rest of the session and just pay half! So for $8 Mason gets to have 4 group tennis lessons. He loves it.

So I guess we're staying busy. Hope you are enjoying the summer sunshine as well!


Shatzi said...

It was SOOOOO good to talk to you today! I've been really missing that! The swimming lessons look like tons of fun! And Bria says the tennis looks really fun, too. I'm glad you guys are settling in so well!

Sharee said...

Masons looks so cool standing with his racket :) I was planning on swimming lessons this year too but never got around to it. Sounds like you guys are having fun.