"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mason Memory

Yesterday we got out all the old Thomas the Train toys that have mostly been stored and unused since Mason was little. Rylan is finally old enough to enjoy them. They were Mason's very favorite toys for a good five years of his life. We knew all about buffers and tenders, boilers and box cars, shunting and coupling, fire boxes and domes, and most of all, every name and number of each and every train. Mason was a stickler for details.

When he was just about Rylan's age he was excited about the cute little faces on the trains. Rylan thinks it's hilarious that the eyes move on the Thomas movies. When he wants to play trains, he says "eyes" instead of trains. Mason was obsessed with the eyes as well.

I remembered that sometimes one of the eyebrows of the trains would get rubbed off and Mason would cry and complain until I drew the eyebrows back on with a Sharpie. True story. I told him about that yesterday and he laughed and laughed about it.

I'm so glad that Rylan can enjoy these toys now, but it makes me a little bit sad that Mason is so grown-up. It happens so fast. He's such a great kid and a great helper, I certainly don't wish he was 2 again. But I still sometimes miss my cute little 2 year old Mason...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Averie Dear

Averie had class pictures with her preschool this morning. She looked so dang cute, I just had to take some too. She is getting a lot better at looking at the camera and smiling. I don't think we had a single picture of her smiling before she was four years old. She was full of smiles today!

This is her favorite dress because it matches her favorite swimming suit. But don't tell her it's blue. She calls it "navy black", which is her favorite color. She ripped a big hole in the front of it last week. I found some awesome fabric glue stuff that fixed it right up. She was very impressed.

She loved the roses and wanted me to get a picture of her smelling every flower.

Just a little bit o' sass

This is her favorite pet, Snowball, that she purchased recently with her own money. My girls and their stuffed animals... I'm told I was the same way.

My Averie girl is getting so big. She is so much fun to have around. She loves preschool and also loves her quiet time while the kids are at school and Rylan is sleeping. She gets all the toys to herself! Right now she is playing with approximately 5,000 stuffed animals on the couch. Most of them are Ellorie's, but I won't tell...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rain Gutter Regatta

We had our Cub Scout Rain Gutter Regatta this week. I'm a den mother now. Did you know? Love it.

Mason named his boat The Windwaker, and crafted it with great care.

It floated and glided across the water just like a good ship should.

There was a fair field of competitors.

Mason had some excellent lung-power to drive his boat.

Blurry, but so good.

Mason won one of his races, just by a hair. Here is a little video proof for you. He was pretty stoked.

No, we still haven't found his scout shirt.

This is one of Mason's new buddies.

They dominated at the three-legged races.

This is Ellorie with one of her new BFFs. I have no idea what she is doing.

They kids all had a splendid time. Hooray for cub scouts!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Around Here

Around here we love Photobooth, which mysteriously has been working again after the "camera death by parrot pecking incident".

Around here we've been reading a lot of library books.

Around here we love preschool and homework and after-school snacks.

Around here we are hoping and waiting and praying to sell our Idaho home. (If you know anyone that is looking to move to Idaho...)

Around here we still are somewhat living out of boxes and feeling sort of temporary.

Around here we are still without an iron, a scout shirt, and a motorcycle registration/title.

Around here we are planning for the future and trying to decide where to move next.

Around here we've been doing more art and fewer dishes.

Around here I've been Pinning and Facebook-ing and Blogging. Just enough, but not too much.

Around here we've been using the car with the "troubled" transmission as little as possible.

Around here we've been enjoying the long, hot walk to school every day.

Around here we hear much lamenting about our lack of pets.

Around here the favorite new toy is the popcorn popper vacuum thingy.

Around here there is a lot of noise and a lot of love.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Averie's First Day

Sparkly new shoes? Check.

Matching headband? Check.

Cute mini backpack? Check.

Favorite new clothes? Check.

Nervous giggling fits? Check.

Ear to ear grin? Double check.

She was a little more nervous when she got to school, as you can tell from the picture. But she did great, and loved her first day. She even performed her dinosaur poem for her class. She's already got this preschool thing down...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Four Cuties in a Wagon

We went to a birthday party for my little niece and the kids got to play with their cousins. Rylan found the wagon, and I quickly became the beast of burden. These four little cuties jumped on board and we went around and around and around and around. It was such a beautiful evening. I love this time of year.

Averie's Song

The kids found the ukuleles. Averie, it turns out, is quite a composer. Here are a couple versions of her new favorite song, "Things Ellorie Loves".

She was a little nervous in this first recording, and Ellorie was prompting her a bit. I wish I would have recorded her earlier. She was totally rocking out, impromptu style.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Story Time and a Big Red Slide

Averie starts preschool on Monday and can not wait. She grins from ear to ear every time she thinks about it. She tells everyone we meet the name of her new teacher. It's so much fun to see her feeling like a "big kid". I've really enjoyed spending more one-on-one time with her this week.

This morning we went to story time at the library. Averie listened very intently and was so excited to participate. They read books, sang songs, danced and played instruments, and colored a picture. She is SO ready for school.

After story time we picked some books out at from the library and then went to the park for a few minutes. Rylan, who was quite bored at story time, was much more interested in the park. Especially this short, wide slide they had there. He was feeling like one of the big kids on the "safe" slide. He was totally cracking me up.

I have to post this little video of his newly discovered slide skills. I loves how he claps at his own achievement. Too too cute.

First Day Pix

Mason and Ellorie LOVE their new school, teachers, and classes. They have nothing but wonderful things to say about it every day. Mason loves that they have PE and music twice a week. Ellorie loves playing dragons on the playground at recess. I really love that we can walk to school in about 20 minutes. It's been such beautiful weather and everyone has enjoyed the walk.

Thursday Morning Musings

I'm seeing: The tops of the maple trees starting to change color. It's hot, and though it still feels like summer, the trees know what's coming. I love autumn...

I'm hearing: birds chirping, sprinklers spraying, mowers mowing (mow lawning as Averie says), Rylan and Averie chattering and playing.

I'm smelling: Freshly cut grass, wild oats in the field behind us that make me homesick for riding horses, and lavender as I walked the kids to school this morning, which made me want to make soap.

I'm tasting: The most amazing green smoothie I made this morning with lots of greens, fresh peaches and nectarines from my in-laws yard. Better than ice cream, I'm telling you. You know you want some...

I'm watching: Rylan and Averie sitting in the sunshine on the back porch swing while they drink their smoothies. Too precious.

I'm thinking: My grandmother's sweet husband, Darv that was in a horrible farming accident a few days ago. He is in critical condition and fighting for his life. He and his loved ones are in my thoughts today. We are hoping and praying for the best.

I'm planning: Story time at the library today and hopefully some painting during Rylan's nap time (keeping my fingers crossed). Canning and freezing peaches and pears soon. Love all the fresh fruit here!

I'm anticipating: Starting my new calling as the cub scout Wolf Den Mother. (I mean, do you think I can really pull off the yellow shirt?) I'm excited to learn the "ropes".

Also anticipating painting with a new art group I found. We have a couple of figure drawing sessions with ballerinas coming up. Cool!

I'm feeling: Grateful for my sweet children and wonderful family, Happy to be feeling a little more settled, Excited to have a little more time on my hands now that the kids are in school, and sad at the same time to have them gone for so much of the day.

Happy Thursday!