"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Averie's First Day

Sparkly new shoes? Check.

Matching headband? Check.

Cute mini backpack? Check.

Favorite new clothes? Check.

Nervous giggling fits? Check.

Ear to ear grin? Double check.

She was a little more nervous when she got to school, as you can tell from the picture. But she did great, and loved her first day. She even performed her dinosaur poem for her class. She's already got this preschool thing down...


Sharon said...

I thought this was Ellorie at first glance, she's so grown up!

Brittany said...

She does look a lot like Ellorie. So cute...I can't wait until Braylee can go to Preschool.

The Wendt Wagon said...

So cute. I love seeing them be shy and a little nervous. It proves that they do feel safe with their mama. It is sad having them be scared though. i am glad she warmed up. Fun pictures.

Kelsey said...

That's kind of a scandalous outfit for the first day of preschool, isn't it, ms. Teacher? Haha I'm sure she's wonderful. Just seems funny!!

Anna said...

C-U-T-E. Your little girl is becoming a big girl. Sad and exciting at the same time!

LOL! I agree with Kelsey. Usually teachers are prim and proper the first day of class, and become more relaxed in their attire as the year goes on. What will be she wearing by the end of the year?!