"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Story Time and a Big Red Slide

Averie starts preschool on Monday and can not wait. She grins from ear to ear every time she thinks about it. She tells everyone we meet the name of her new teacher. It's so much fun to see her feeling like a "big kid". I've really enjoyed spending more one-on-one time with her this week.

This morning we went to story time at the library. Averie listened very intently and was so excited to participate. They read books, sang songs, danced and played instruments, and colored a picture. She is SO ready for school.

After story time we picked some books out at from the library and then went to the park for a few minutes. Rylan, who was quite bored at story time, was much more interested in the park. Especially this short, wide slide they had there. He was feeling like one of the big kids on the "safe" slide. He was totally cracking me up.

I have to post this little video of his newly discovered slide skills. I loves how he claps at his own achievement. Too too cute.


Shatzi said...

That is so cute!! Logan loves slides too. I love it when they clap at their own achievements! I wish they could grow up and keep doing the same thing!

Darren and Tessa said...

LOVE it! Cant wait to see you this weekend!

Sharon said...

I love that park! Its one we usually go to when we visit. How did your kids get so big?!

Melissa said...

Everytime I see Rylan, he seems so much more grown up than the last time. It is fun to watch him be one of the "big kids". Very cute!